Falling In Love With Me Is Easy To Do

Falling in love with me is easy to do because talking to me is like going to Planet Fitness.  This is the “no judgment zone.”  I am not combative, and will never compete with you unless you want me to.  Never will I be a pushover nor be a mindless, unopinionated imbecile unless you want me to roleplay as your dumb bimbo that is obsessed with sucking your cock.  Well, it is your fantasy and I am more than willing to play along.  Balance is essential, and I find myself to be a well-balanced individual.

Be obsessed and addicted to me.  I will ignore you every weekend as if you were my side-dude or my work-husband.  Then on Sunday, I will kiss you a million times as if nothing happened.  Possibly even pretend, I was not aware that you are falling in love with me.  Let me eagerly greet you at the door, as if I had no clue of your separation anxiety.  Hug me, for I am hugable.  Feel my warmth as I gaze in your eyes, and press my buxom against your chest.

Intimate Connections

Forge an intimate connection with me.  Be vulnerable with me.  Tell me all of your secrets and fall in love with me.  Know that I will not share your most intricate thoughts with another unless it will help you progress along your journey.  Let us struggle together and forge a trauma bond.  Roleplay a very taboo scene from your past and change the outcome.  Bounce ideas off of me, and make me your soundboard.

Talking to me is not the same as speaking into the void of Twitter.  Use the fact that I serve pussy on a platter to you as your leeway.  Falling in love with me is not hard at all.  All you have to do is speak your prayers into my prayer alter of a vagina.  Feel my river flow across your tongue and taste my juices. Permit yourself to indulge in me.  Chant with me.  Fall in a trance with me.  Zone out and fear not.

A Natural Progression

Falling in love with me is completely natural.  No magic potion is required.  Nor will I hypnotize you without your consent.  Consider me to be a succubus that sprang from Lucifer’s forehead if you wish.  It is all about what makes you feel most comfortable because I care to cater to you.  Possibly even smother you with kisses just as this baked chicken is smothered in gravy for our Sunday dinner.

I want to know what turns you on.  Do me, baby, as I have never been done before.  Our initial call will have you so enveloped in my mindful attentiveness that you would swear I sprang from your nutsack because of this unconditional love and care you formulated just for me.  Save a special place for me, and I for you.  Meet me at the Phone Sex Kingdom where class meets kink.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke