A naughty doctor’s adventures with me..

A naughty doctor got to taste me and play with me before anyone else ever got a chance to. Now I wonder how many other girls he got to play with! The lucky man was very attractive, and it was a family clinic so he basically had an assembly line. One naughty young girl would come to his office, leave, and another one would come right after that. I was one of the ones that he loved to play with the most. Since I’ve been a cheerleader most of my life, I’ve been in a constant stream of doctor visits. Nothing ever bad happened, but to play any kind of sport or afterschool intensive activity, you need a yearly physical exam.

I was a cheerleader year after year, through elementary, middle school, and high school. It’s honestly a miracle I didn’t continue it into college. Lucky for my doctor, I was there to see him every year for my physical exam. I moved around a bit and saw a couple of different ones before we finally stuck to one place, and he became the primary doc, and the one I’d visit for any issue. It never really mattered to me what my doctor looked like until I saw him. He was the source of a million fantasies about a naughty doctor. I was pretty young then, not quite to high school yet. My mom dropped me off at the appointment and wandered off to another store in the strip mall area, and I went into the doctor’s room.

I knew the routine.

I knew what he was going to ask and check. It was going to be the usual act of checking height, weight, blood pressure, and a million other things. The nurse took care of almost everything before she left me sitting alone in the clinic room. I waited quietly and changed out of my clothes and into the flimsy little paper gown they have you wear. Everything was done and all I needed to do was sit around and wait for the game of twenty questions. I couldn’t help but watch myself in the mirror on the back of the door. Even in my little gown, my breasts were starting to get bigger and make a nice little bump against the modest paper lining. It started making me a little proud and cocky about it.

I waited around for a little longer until the doctor finally came in. And then he moved on to the new part that I hadn’t quite been expecting. Since I’d started to get older, it was time to check my pussy and everything else down there. It was an entirely new experience. And I wasn’t sure I wanted to have a male doctor do that! But either way, it was his job right? It didn’t matter. And he was so attractive that somehow it made me a little excited and shy at the same time. So I laid down and just took a deep breath, letting him quickly take a peek under, slide his fingers over my pussy lips as lightly as he could.

I heard it was supposed to be a really quick thing.

Usually, a check-up like that would be quick. He was just taking a quick look to make sure everything was okay, but he lingered. His fingers were still putting a little pressure on me and it started feeling good. Out of curiosity, I glanced down and caught him looking at me, and he started asking how it felt, and if everything was okay. I laid down a little more and just went along with it, thinking that I was going to ask my mom about it later. However, I started feeling so much better and didn’t know what to think about it anymore. He’d been rubbing his finger over my clit a little. I’d played with it before, but I hadn’t managed anything like that

Whatever my naughty doctor was doing with his hands was magic to me. He was playing with me, sliding a finger in gently and rubbing his fingers on my clit, and I loved it. I could barely keep quiet, letting out little moans here and there. And the louder I got with it, the harder he went. Until the doctor gave up on using his fingers, taking the chance to slide his head down under the paper skirt and slide his tongue up through my pussy lips. Nothing had ever felt so good. He wasn’t supposed to play with me like that. However, it felt amazing. I’d never gone so far before, and all the licking was driving me crazy.

He was using me like his little toy.

Sometimes he’d slide in a second one and I could feel myself stretch a little. It was driving me crazy. I’d always fantasized about something like that. However, I never thought my doctor would be my first experience with an older man and a naughty doctor. He pushed me right over the edge, and I didn’t know how to react! I was digging my nails into the table’s paper cover, arching my back, spreading my legs a little more. It felt so good that I still daydream and fantasize about it now, but I guess it’s just one of the crazy ideas we can play with when we have a little ageplay phone sex.

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