We All Harbor a Naughty Dirty Confession Under the Surface!

It’s a fact, we all have a naughty dirty confession. Some of us keep it under wraps.  However, a majority of the time it comes out in some fashion.

There are many cheating sex stories. My friend had no idea his wife was cheating till he spied her in the window. It turned him on so much that he… well, you’ll just have to read the story.

I’m not here to judge this naughty dirty confession!

We all have something so dirty that we try to hide it, but eventually, it all comes out in the dirty laundry. I’ve come home with many dirty, creamy panties. You could say my naughty dirty confession is I cannot get enough dick.

Okay, so this may not be so shocking after all, but there was a time I went to extremes to get what I wanted.

I try to embrace every opportunity that comes my way, literally speaking. When I got a date, I always tried to see their dicks. After all, it determined whether it would be a hand job, a blow job, some hard fucking in the truck or other place, or excusing myself to the bathroom.

There was even this hot guy I had a steamy affair with while working at my uncle’s office.

Yes, one of my naughty dirty confessions I was seeing one of my uncle’s most well-off clients. He had a nice Rolls, but I think it was the hot accent that made me melt and give my pussy up to him.

Or perhaps, it was when I fucked my husband’s boss while my husband took a quick shower after work. Yes, the boss came over for dinner while my husband was getting ready in the shower. While my hubby showered, I got his boss comfortable and let’s just say a lot more amenable for other things. He sure could fuck hard and fast.

Let’s just say it didn’t stop there!

Well, my husband walked out and caught his boss fucking me hard with me bent over the arm of the couch. What could Tony say to his boss? He was taking what he wanted. Tony promptly went under my pussy and started licking all those steamy juices that dripped from my little cunny.

I honestly tried to stop seeing him, but I would often sneak over to the office to fuck him even while my husband was working in the same office. Everyone knew Tony’s wife was fucking their boss and would often get sideways glances.

Or there was this time!

How about the time I had three dates in one night and fucked all of them. In fact, my hole was still dripping in my panties when the next date showed up to take me out. My panties were steaming with drippy creamy cum.


I bet you are so ready to burst thinking about that naughty dirty confession that you want to tell me.  So, share your secrets with me during some cheating phone sex.

 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke