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He is a super sexy chocolate man. Not only that, but he looked like he was seriously packing. I’m nothing if not a total teen size queen! It took some thinking to figure out the best way to seduce him but I finally had it! I waited till his wife was out of town on one of her business trips. Once his kids were in bed I turned some porn on and kicked back on the couch. I timed it perfectly so that as soon as he walked through the door he saw me with my legs spread wide.

My fingers were buried in my tight teen pussy and I was moaning.

He did a double-take when he first walked through the door. Then the really yummy fun started! From the look on his face and the fast-growing bulge in his slacks, I knew I was about to add the hottest chapter ever to my babysitter sex stories. He didn’t say a word when he saw how horny and ready I was for him. His zipper came down and that monster BBC was right in my face. He didn’t have to tell me what to do, my mouth opened up nice and wide and I sucked him down. Each inch of that big black snake sliding in made my tight teen pussy drip.

The thought of having age play phone sex with such a hot chocolate man drove me crazy! It wasn’t long before he had me on all fours and he was pumping away.

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