I might be a teen size queen but boy did I meet my match!

Ever since I lost my virginity, I have been a total teen size queen. It was the best luck ever that my first was well hung. He definitely set a pretty high standard for any guy to come after him. One day after school I popped by the principal’s office to talk to him about the talent show. It was coming up soon and I wanted to let him know what I would be doing.

The secretary was already gone so I walked right in. I was so not prepared for what I saw. The principal was sitting there in his big leather chair and he had his cock out. He was stroking it and I just couldn’t tear my eyes away. His cock was the most humongous one I had ever seen! That is saying a lot coming from a teen size queen like me! Leaving would have been the smart thing before he caught me staring but I just couldn’t.

My tight teen pussy was starting to drip and I could feel my nipples getting stiff. I must have let out a little gasp because he suddenly turned around and saw me standing there. He ordered me inside and told me to shut the door behind me. Suddenly I forgot the whole reason that I was there when he asked me what I wanted.

I was totally speechless by how big and thick his cock was.

My mouth was watering from the sight of it bouncing up and down in the air. He told me to come closer and take what I so obviously wanted. It was like my body completely took over and I found myself down on my knees between his thighs. The feel of his big cock against my tongue and my lips was incredible. I couldn’t get enough of rubbing it all over my face and enjoying the taste and feel of it. Of course, the teen size queen inside of me needed to feel it in my pussy too.

He pulled me down onto his lap and I rode that big thick amazing shaft into one orgasm after another. When he shot his load of cum inside of me I couldn’t believe how much there was. It was so thick and creamy, it could have easily turned into a breeding session. It filled my pussy all the way up and started dripping back out. After that incredible fuck session, I knew I would be making lots more trips to the principal’s office.

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