Your naughty daughter in law needs some help!

I have always trusted you since your son and I have gotten married. And well, the wedding was huge, both in attendance and money spent. But I may have gotten carried away with all the card swiping I did. And you have always kept my spending problem under wraps from my husband. But now your naughty daughter in law really needs some help. I am so behind on my car payment, and my husband can’t find out. I need some cash really fast. So who do I go to? My favorite guy in the family!

When I come to you, you make me feel so special. You sit me down on your lap and explain that the wedding was beautiful because a woman like me wasn’t afraid of dropping cash on the things I love…just like you aren’t afraid of dropping cash on the things you love. My black lacey thigh highs were starting to show the more my skirt rode up. Then I felt your hand start playing with my hair, brushing my long blonde hair behind my ear. It sent goosebumps down my back. Your hands feel so soft compared to my husbands. He is too young to know the importance of a good men’s hand cream.

When you saw how much I enjoyed the feel of your hands, you went even lower and started moving down to my chest.

“You know I could make your car payment. You are my favorite naughty daughter in law,” you tell me while teasing my nipples with the palm of your hand. Then I start moaning and you already know my answer. My body has been craving you since I met your son. And sure, I love him but you have more experience then he does. And they say that experience makes a man. Then, I let you play with my nipples until they are so hard, you see them through my shirt.

You get me so horny that I can’t help but grind onto your lap over and over again. Until I feel your cock get so hard that it is practically bulging and ripping your pants to get free. Finally, I can’t wait anymore. Your naughty daughter in law needs your cock. I get on my knees right in front of you, and I look up into your eyes to smile while I unbutton your pants. Then your cock springs out! I can already tell that your throbbing hard, so I work fast to put my tongue on it to tease you even further.

Before long you were leaking pre-cum into my mouth.

It tasted so good, but I didn’t want to just waste it and swallow it up right away. So once I had a good bit in my mouth, I got off my knees and kissed you. I wanted you to know how sweet and yummy your pre-cum tasted. You seemed to enjoy it a lot too. Then you pulled me back into your lap and grinded my swollen clit on your cock. It felt so good.

It made me truly feel like your naughty daughter in law! I wanted your hard cock inside me straight away, but you had other plans. Next you laid me back on your bed, putting two pillows under my back, so you could take my clit into your mouth. You started going in circular motions to make me squirm. You used your hands to pin down my thighs, so your mouth wouldn’t move off of my pussy. It felt like fireworks were bursting through my body, and I started to cum right into your mouth. I couldn’t believe you were making me cum so fast without even fucking me first.

Then, you move up to kiss me, returning the favor of getting to taste your pre-cum.

I have to admit that I tasted sweeter then you did. Soon I bit your lip softly to let you know how much I wanted you. I didn’t want to nor could I wait to have you. Then you started pushing your cock and sliding into my soaking wet cunt. Within two hard pushes, you were buried deep inside me. Your cock is so much thicker than my husband’s and it felt like I was getting double the pleasure. I was already so sensitive from cumming early, that you quickly sent me over the edge. Over and over again. I knew that I was going to be your naughty daughter in law for a long time, and I would make the most out of every moment.

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