Cum Fetish: Naughty slut loves to fill her cup with strangers cum

Cum is one of the worlds greatest taste in the world. I have had a huge cum fetish since my teen days. The delicious texture, the taste, and knowing what I have to do to make a guy explode. Makes me a cum crazy slut. The older I get the more addicted I get to it. I just get these strong urges and I need cum immediately. I was out at a smoothe place one day. Alone with my headphones in watching Netflix. Looking up I noticed this really hot guy with glasses staring at me. he looked to be in his late 20’s early 30’s. Did I mention I love older men a lot? He smiled at me and that is when the urges hit me like a truck. walking over to me, introducing his self.

I couldn’t help but smile the whole time. little did he know my pussy was soaking wet by this time. I couldn’t take it anymore I asked him if we could take our smoothies to go. Saying yes we quickly exited out. We choose to take his car to the park. Before he could even start up the engine I was already unzipping his pants. With a shocked look on his face but he didn’t stop me. Putting his head back closing his eyes. He enjoyed me bobbing up and down on his dick. pulling my boobs out of my shirt. My nipples were so hard. sucking his dick was making me even more soaking. Putting his whole fat cock in my mouth while he held my nose.

Gagging so hard, barely getting enough air, tears starting to form in my eyes.

I was loving every bit of it. up and down, up and down as I massaged his balls with my hands. His moans kept getting louder. the smacks he was giving me on my ass were getting harder. Knowing his was so close to giving me what I was craving. Going faster and deeper on his cock. He pulled my head up, letting out a loud moan. Grabbing my smoothie cup opening it up, he busted all in my drink. It tasted so fucking yummy. thanking him for his sweet juices, I gave him my number because you know my cum fetish never is truly satisfied.

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