Yummy is all I can say when I think of a BBC. My mouth literally starts to water just thinking about slobbering all over it. OMG, it is always the best! How I took a BBC has to be one of my best sex stories ever. I was out shopping one sunny afternoon. Wearing my sexy jeans shorts that show off my sexy long tan legs and my red crop top that just barely came over my tits. I looked fucking good and everyone knew it. Looking like I could be a porn star on one of those. college girls gone wild videos. Walking through the mall all eyes were on me.

The attention whore in me loved it that way passing by the foot locker store. I laid my eyes on a very sexy, tall, built, black man. Watching him talk to the cashier. Feeling like I could melt right there. Fuck he was so sexy and my pussy wanted him so bad. Walking into the foot locker. I walked by him and he quickly looked over at me. Letting out a little smile to show him I was into it. He finally approached me. We talked for a while then he asked me would I like to hang out. Replying that I was free right now we headed out.

Somehow we decided to go back to his place.

Which I had no problem with. Sitting on his couch talking taking the first step. Leaning over and kissing him. He loved it! The kissing got heavier and our hands started roaming. Rubbing on my pussy through my shorts. I was so fucking wet. Stripping each other clothes off like wild animals. Laying on my back fuck I had to have him right then. Staring at his huge cock getting a little nervous. I didn’t know if it was gonna all fit.

He laughed guessing he was used to that reaction. He slowly started to slide it in. fuck! It felt amazing and I kept jumping at the feeling. Making him go faster as he fucked my type little white pussy. I was getting ripped to shreds and I loved every minute of it. The pounding continued until he started to grunt louder and more frequent. Before I could even say anything a huge load of cum filled my pussy and dripping out. BBC makes for the best sex stories.

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