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I love being one of the typical sexy college girls. Being young and hot made for some wild times. I love going to parties, snorting a line, and sucking a couple of cocks. Many guys wanted to fuck me and I didn’t mind being their cum dumpster. My favorite advantage of being considered as one of the sexy college girls was I got unlimited cock whenever I wanted.  I remember I was at this one party finishing snorting a line of coke, I started to dance around. looking for a man.

I always get so wet and horny when I am high. Spotting this really sexy dude at the bar, I walked over and started to work my magic, then I talked to him while I twirled my hair. While rubbing my hands on my nice petite body.

He caught my drift. He told me to meet him in the back bathrooms since they were the ones no one ever uses. I waited a couple minutes after he had left and made my way to the back. When I walked in he was standing there with his fully erected cock whipped out of his pants. I got on my knees and started to suck his cock while my hands massaged his balls.

I loved deep throating his cock.

Gagging so hard I felt like all my previous drinks were about to come back. I got up bent over the sink, pulled my panties to the side. told him to fuck my soaking wet pussy. Sticking it deep into me it felt so good. Holding on to the side of the sink cause he was pounding me so hard and I didn’t want to lose my balance. I started to back my hips into his cock. Which drove him wild. He pushed my hand down into the sink, let out a couple more hard thrusts and shot his load deep inside of me. I love fucking strangers bareback.

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