Naughty Best Friends Mom

Naughty Best Friends Mom, Yes I Admit That Is Just What I Am! Unable to control the intense feeling of wanting those young men’s cocks, I just have to do what I crave. Just like the other day when sweet Jeff stopped by to join us for a family BBQ. Not seeing him for over a year, I didn’t realize how much he had changed. Especially how well he filled out those tight jeans he wore.

Of course I didn’t have to wear those slutty short denim shorts or tank top outside that afternoon.  But then again, I was looking for some fun so it was a must. You should have seen his face when I walked past him in that outfit and sky high heels. He started to drool. But I licked his lips before it slipped down onto his white t-shirt.

Asking him to be a dear and help me bring some supplies out of the backroom, he quickly obliged me. And as soon as I had him in the back room, I pounced. I got up on the table and spread my legs. Grabbing his shirt I pulled him toward me and stuck my tongue in his mouth. I said, ‘I know your my son’s best friend, but I want to be your best fuck friend!’. He couldn’t even talk as he blushed and smiled.

I made him pull off my shorts to find my newly groomed landing strip waiting for his mouth. He licked and sucked like a good boy in training and wanting more of this mother figure.  “Did you ever think you’d be fucking your best friends mom?” I asked him. But he couldn’t answer since he was mouth deep in my cunt. My thighs tightened on his cheeks.

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I wasn’t satisfied with only his eating of my pussy, I wanted more. But first I thought I’d show him how a real best friends mom could suck cock. Licking up his ball sack and then going to town on his shaft, he tightened his grip on my hair. I let out a little laugh since I knew if I kept going he’d for sure bust a nut in my mouth. But I had other plans for that jizz.

“Not so fast sweetie”, mommy’s got a surprise for you. I turned around and looked over my shoulder at him. “Come get a piece of Roxy!  But just so you know, it won’t be your last!”.  He grabbed his dick and found that wet and warm center.  I bent my knees and pushed back into him.  I knew we were going to be missed from the party soon so I started squeezing my pussy around his cock.  He moaned as he came, filling me with every bit of his sperm.

I turned around and grabbed his cock, using my finger to wipe some of the cum off the tip. I put it to my mouth as he watched. “That was perfect for round number one. I’ll see you upstairs in my bathroom in one hour”.  I grabbed my shorts and pulled them on. Feeling all the cum inside me start to moisten the crotch.  It was a good reminder of what I’d get again soon! Are you ready to cum fuck the naughty best friends mom?

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