Naughty Au Pair Nanny Knows How to Get the Job Done!

 BeCUMming a naughty au pair nanny wasn’t even on my radar, but I needed the cash. I was fresh from graduating from college and still barely legal. Having studied Dance Theory, I’m a trained ballet dancer, and most recently, a naughty au pair nanny. The Martinson’s hired me two weeks after graduation, which was just three weeks after baby number three for them!  Fuck! They really needed a nanny (well, maybe not a naughty au pair nanny. lol)! They were all good children and well mannered for the most part. Especially with all of them being under the age of five. Dr. Martinson was an affable woman, but the look on her face told me she was a high-maintenance, complainer, and probably not a good lay. Even if she was a fertile Myrtle! Haha. But, Mr. Martinson? Oh, I could see Wizard of Jizz written all over him!

Mr. Martinson is a lawyer with a cool sportscar and a body that screamed mid-life crisis. He was proud of how he looked and I wasn’t mad at him for that! He’d seen me running one day and he pulled over in that sexy Ferrari 1958 Spider Grand. Did I need a ride? Can you say, ‘Hell, YES!’? So, a week later, a friend of a friend suggested me for the job with the Martinson’s and boom, there I was! Was I a horrible girl for not really thinking anything when I accepted the proposal to be the nanny, accept that I wanted to fuck Mr. Martinson in the worst way? Worse yet, I knew he wanted me too. I could tell he needed some teen phone sex from the first call telling me I had the job!

Naughty au pair nanny opens the gates to heaven!

From day one, when Denzel Martinson accidentally walked into the Au Pair suite, (my quarters) and I was ass up drying myself from the shower, I knew he was mine. He was watching me at first, and I didn’t even notice he was there. Then he must have moved because something attracted my attention and I looked up into the mirror and saw him. Standing there, arms folded as he assessed my tight, round, fuckable, little ass. I pretended not to see him and I moved my body in such ways as to leave him hidden no more!

I stood and turned to look at him, but instead, I found him almost on top of me. He cupped the back of my head, his other arm encircling my waist, and pulled me into his embrace, complete with a deeply hungry and passionate French kiss. Moreover, I gave the kiss everything I had and at that moment, I felt the cream start to crawl toward the outer lips of my barely legal pussy. His hand slipped between my thighs, as if on queue and I pushed my clit against it in anxious fervor. I remember thinking, ‘Damn! He’s a whole grown-ass man, and he was all mine!”

This naughty au pair nanny needs it bad!

“D” cupped me with both hands under my ass and lifted me as he walked with ease and fluidity to place me on top of the heated marble countertops. I giggled at the mere fact of this happening; my fondest dream and in my first week here!

I scrambled down onto the warm marble floor and pulled his cock free and into my waiting mouth. And PROOF of the Mrs. being a cold fish; I could tell that he had never had the pee hole of his cock tickled by the tip of a tongue! Damn. Poor guy. So, I guzzled at his cock and tickled his heavy balls while occasionally humming against the thick cord along the back of his shaft. That nearly drove him insane! I licked him in places he had never before experienced. Hmm. Who was teaching whom here? Haha.

It seemed he didn’t remember meeting me a year before. I never forgot him!

So, as he plunged his fatty into my tight, barely legal pussy, I drifted on a cloud of bliss. What made it extra naughty au pair nanny material was that I didn’t think he had any idea of who I even was! The daughter of a friend and colleague. Ha! Surprise! If he only knew. I had lain in my bed at home nightly, since meeting the Martinson’s at a family gathering. I stroked my clit and let my pussy gush over the thought of him. The way Mr. M moved in his tailored suit and the drifting aroma of his delicious cologne. I followed him all night, visually at first, then physically tracking him from room to room. He knew it and coyly confronted me, teasing and touching me in ways I knew he wouldn’t do if his wife were watching.

Oh! Nothing over the top, but just running the backs of his fingers down my bared arms, both at once. Yeah. He knew exactly what he was doing. He saw the effect those slow lingering touches were having on my breasts. My nipples were stiff enough to fall off, and my areolas puffing in that wanton way they do when I’m hot and bothered. He released me when we heard the clicking of a woman’s heels, but the backward glance he gave me let me know there was so much more to cum.

I prayed they would look for a naughty au pair nanny; and it seemed someone was listening!

So, while he had me up on the countertop, sitting with my legs being pulled apart by this hunk of a man, and that huge cock pushing against my pussy, I knew. I just knew we were meant to be together in this way. I pushed hard against that beast of a cock; forcing him further and deeper into my little box. He pushed faster and harder too until a casual listener could hear the slapping of my thighs and ass against his firm tight belly. We fucked faster and more furiously than any person should be able to. But a quick glance at the clock in the bathroom, it was evident we only had a few stolen minutes before Judith would be home.

We filled those minutes with a passion and closeness that we knew would be repeated again and again – every chance we got. She really should thank me! Giggle

How did our naughty au pair nanny story go from there? Call me! Maybe we can do a filthy role-play about it!

Just Joey

Naughty Au Pair Nanny