I know you’re craving my naughty ageplay princess body.

You aren’t very good at hiding the way you check out my naughty ageplay princess body. I can feel your eyes practically burning into me when you look me up and down. That bulge in the front of your pants is pretty obvious too. You look like you’re going to rip right through the front of your pants. I can guess what dirty thoughts are running through your mind right now. You’re picturing me naked, aren’t you? The thought of my tiny little body naked under you drives you insane doesn’t it?

I can see you when you’re following me around like the perverted stalker that you are. I’ve noticed you creeping around behind me and my friends when we’re shopping at the mall. Can you see our pretty little panties when our skirts flip up while we’re walking? You’re straining your eyes and bending as low as you can to see them. Don’t think that I don’t see your hand in your pocket pervert! I bet that you’ve cut a hole in it, haven’t you? That’s so that you can grab your dick and stroke it while you stare at my tiny jail bait body.

Why do you keep darting off for the men’s room in between stalking us? I bet you’re jerking off in there, aren’t you? You’re just so turned on by the sight of such young firm bodies that you have to stroke off and blow a load. Don’t tell me you’re taking upskirt pictures of me too. You are so going to pay for this you pervert. What do you think will happen if I scream for security or call the cops on you? I know you don’t want that.

What is everyone going to think when they find out what a pervert you are?

If you don’t want everyone to find out how much young girls turn you on, you better do exactly what I say! It’s time for you to be a good obedient little pervert now. Open up that wallet and strip down completely naked. I’m not taking my clothes off, but if you pay me enough I might give you a peek. Oh my god, I can’t believe you’re almost ready to explode already. I’m not even naked. That is so fucking pathetic. What’s going to happen if I flash my tiny tits at you?

You’re going to have to pay me more if you want to see them. They’re so tiny like little mosquito bites with puffy pink nipples that are super sensitive. You can’t touch them but I can! Sit back and watch me show off my tight young body. Look at how stiff they get when I flick them. Admit it, you wish your lips, your hands and your dick were rubbing up against my naughty ageplay princess tiny tits right now don’t you? Too bad, you can look but you can’t touch! You’re lucky I’m even letting you look at my hot, young body.

  I noticed that you can’t seem to tear your eyes away from my round ass. Do you have a panty fetish too? You seem pretty stuck on my pink panties. You want to feel that soft cotton under your fingertips don’t you? Watch me slide my pretty panties to the side. Look at my pretty puffy pink pussy lips. They’re just glistening with my sweet cunny juices. Isn’t that just the hottest, yummiest thing you’ve ever seen? Watch closely as I slide my fingers against my clit and that cute little button swells up.

Your mouth is really watering now, isn’t it?

I have to admit I do have the sweetest tasting naughty ageplay princess pussy ever. I’ve been told that it tastes little cotton candy. I’m going to dip my fingers inside my tight little cunny and cover my finger in my juices. Stroke that perverted cock while I bring my fingers up to my lips and take a taste. Mmm, it tastes so yummy! I’m going to bend over right in front of your face and wriggle my round bubble butt and my juicy pussy right in your face. You’re just aching to reach right out and pull me close for a taste, but I won’t let you. If you’re lucky I just might let you blow your load on my cute little face.

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