My gym teacher has a panty fetish!

I found out my gym teacher has a panty fetish in the funniest way possible. It all started when girls in my gym class started complaining that their panties kept disappearing. They thought that one of the boys was sneaking in while we were out in the gym.  However, I had a different idea. I saw the way the gym teacher was always staring at us all in our short little shirts jumping up and down when we play volleyball. I had a feeling he was a perv, now I just had to prove it. So I waited until he told us all to start running laps while he went back to set up the volleyball net and then I snuck back in.

That’s when I caught him red-handed and knew without a doubt that he had a panty fetish!

He was going through our lockers and he had one pair of panties on and he was sniffing tight teen pussy juices off another at the same time! I made sure to take my phone out and snap some pics for proof. He tried to cover what he was doing when he heard me walk in but it was too late. I had all the proof I needed and unless he wanted me to tell the principal what he had been up to then he would have to do exactly as I said.

I made him bend over and I grabbed a water bottle that was sitting on the edge of his desk. Then I pulled those panties to the side and shoved it up his ass until he squealed like a pig. It was so funny to see him trying to back away from the bottle but I didn’t let him. I made him hold still while I rammed it in and I even made him push back on it and oink.

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