Natural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave of the Master! Shhhh!

I didn’t know what a Natural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave even was when I first encountered him. To me, a wee one, he just seemed normal. He and his wife. She was a bit reserved, but I’d come to find out exactly why she was so eager to assist him!  His wife is younger by a lot, and she jumps at his every word. It all started innocently enough when I knocked at their door. I handed him a flyer I had made at home offering my services. No! Silly. Not that kind of service! Haha.

So, anyway, I knocked to sell my cookies. NO! Not those cookies! LOL. I was selling them door-to-door for my local charity. And, let’s face it, WHO can deny a cute teen with a short uniform? No one, that’s who! Ha! I had a sales strategy. I’d remove my little cotton panties, then, bend at the waist as I placed the big box down.

I Had NO IDEA that my Behavior Would Lead to Me Being a Natural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave!

Apparently, I had crossed an invisible line that triggered some that checked all the boxes for a Natural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave. I was a kid! So, how was I to know? Well, the Mrs. came rushing down the stairs and slammed the door behind me. Uh-fucking-oh!!! Then, my blood coursed through my veins backward! Something just told me that my childish flirting might go too far. Hey! I just wanted to sell some cookies.

Then, the wife asked in a calm voice, “What kind of cookies you selling, little girl?”. Her warm hand stroked my cheek. Good play. At first, I thought she was on my side. But, she was just buttering me up, so-to-speak for what was to cum. Her other hand gripped my throat and I felt the room spin.

Waking Up as a Predator Sex-Slave!

My eyes fluttered open to a new world I didn’t recognize.  Suddenly, I was a Natural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave. I tried to struggle, but that was a lesson in futility. My legs, spread eagle, my arms stretched overhead. However, I felt a trickle of something that I hoped to GOD wasn’t pee run down my slit and I presumed, onto the floor below. Yet, there was a persistent sound of slurping that I realized was someone licking up the wetness I was providing. Aside from that, was a feeling of warmth that covered my young box. It was a tongue!

Then, I saw her face. The wife was licking me and it felt so fucking good.  Moreover, I felt a sudden sting shoot across my ass cheeks and saw the husband begin to whip me with some sort of leather strap! “Ouch”,  I screamed out. Abruptly, he’d flourish his hand through the air in front of me as if he was a perverted symphony conductor. ‘This is one dangerous couple’, I thought. I wanted revenge!

It’s Not Easy Being a Natural Predator.

Thereupon, I never went home and no one seemed to look for me. All in all, I’m kept chained in a basement and fed a heavy diet of cum-eating and fucking. Every degradation you can think of is done to me. And the hour is inconsequential. Any time they desire my whore body, they take me! In essence, I rarely eat, and they often gift me to their friends during “parties”. Sometimes, I’m forced to perform cheap phone sex for them. Of course, they keep all the money.

Furthermore, every beast known to man has had a tongue or cock in me. I am numb. I hear there’s talk of breeding me next. Soon, I’ll try to run away again! But, there seems no way. So, check back with me to see if I gain some footing on how to get out. Will you help me, Sir? Please? Call me.

Kiss, kiss.

Just JoeyNatural Predator Hidden Sex-Slave