Erotic Native American Sex – The Cherokee of Steel

Native American Sex – so, I woke up very aroused this morning. I had this dream… The pieces of it are still forming together in my head, but blurry feelings and thoughts are joining and beginning to make sense. As you know from my Independence historical fantasy sex story, I enjoy out-of-the-box types of naughty role-plays… Some of which take place in completely different eras and settings than today!

In this bizarre dream, I woke up in a forest of pine cones and needles. I recall hearing the flow of a river nearby. Looking up, I caught sight of tall pine trees shaping the sky around mountains in the distance. Waking up in a dream while you are sleeping always throws me off guard. It makes me believe that I’ve actually awoken, so logically, my surroundings must be real. In other words, I am no longer asleep.

The forest felt magical and spooky at the same time. Its heavy fog cast an enticing mysterious feeling around me.

Needless to say, Native American sex was far from my mind at this point.

There were pine needles in my hair and I tried to get up to shake them off. It was only then that I noticed that I was bound. My wrists and ankles were tied together, making it impossible for me to reach a vertical position.

Anyways, so there I was, laying on the ground tied up, thoughts far far away from Native American sex, or anything of the kind. For some reason I didn’t feel scared at all. There was something comforting about the forest, or the sound of the creek. Who knows. I was focused on the nature around me, almost becoming one with it, before I noticed that I really was one with my surroundings. Not only was I tied up, but I was also stark naked!

Once more, I didn’t panic. In fact, it turned me on, especially that a rock was placed in a very convenient position. It was resting right underneath my shaven lady box. That, and my nipples were up against a branch and were definitely getting harder and perkier. The welcoming forest around me was making me feel more and more aroused and I couldn’t help but slowly start rocking back and forth.

The stone under my smooth mound and the branch on my erect nipples compelled stimulating juices to start flowing with the river nearby.

Admittedly so, I had in the past fantasized about engaging into Native American sex. You know – a roughly built, handsome and muscular man wrapped in not much clothing who would grab me and take me for everything that I am. Perhaps having sex alone in nature, losing myself to the pine cone needles and the sound of rivers, wind and chirping birds would be just as erotic?

The sound of drums echoing in the distance reached my ears but I was too involved in my sensual masturbation session to pay much attention. That is, until I heard the snapping of a branch behind me. Curious, I rolled over in spite of the bounds on my wrists and ankles.

This time, I gasped slightly. A very tall, rugged Cherokee stood in front of me with an axe. A loincloth covered his groin area.

I wondered for a minute if he was a statue. His black hair was long and thick. He had pectoral muscles that looked as though they were carved in marble. Not to mention his biceps looked so hard that they appeared to be made of steel. Speaking of hard, my eyes drifted right away to his meager loincloth.

Maybe I should’ve been scared at that point – for all I knew, I’d been tied up by the Cherokee’s tribe. But I’m afraid all I could think about, staring at this muscular, sturdy statue of masculine flesh, was engaging into erotic, wild Native American sex.

So I continued to stare at him from the ground, turned sideways with voluptuous curves, bound and unable to move much.

He didn’t say a word, taking a step towards me and dropping his axe. The last thing I recall what the piece of cloth revealing what it hid, along with a strong masculine smell of trees enveloping me in my Native American sex fantasy.

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