Fucking President John Hancock on Independence Day – A Historical Fantasy Sex Story

Fantasy sex story – have you ever read one of those set in a completely different era? Guess what, you’re in for a treat! In honor of July 4th, take a look at this kinky historical fantasy sex story… starring me and President John HanCOCK!

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that I’m all about unusual sexual acts, such having GOT supernatural sex, for instance!

Well, it so happens that I have a fantasy sex story for you in honor of July 4th! On this day of celebration and thoughts for our Founding Fathers, it’s only fitting to share with you my desire to be a part of the sexual history of the United States of America!

There is something about the past cumming into the present that makes a girl like me excited.

I have thought this through, and my sexual adventures started on a fateful day in July when the Declaration of Independence was signed. I found traveling in time to be the quickest type of travel.

Fifty six members of Congress were in the Independence Hall. All of them were old staunch men who sat around a table and made rules for the rest of our country. American Revolution leader John Hancock was the most notable of the group. Married with two children, he was the one I couldn’t keep my eyes off of. No, he wasn’t exactly a good looking man, but the power behind him had my panties soaking wet with lust. I’ve always preferred them married, but I’ve never had a man as powerful as President Hancock.

Never in a million years would I have thought I’d be involved in a historical fantasy sex story involving President HanCOCK!

I dressed up as a simple maid. It was easy to blend in with the shadows. I focused on spying while cleaning after the fifty six men setting the path for our country’s future. As I cleaned, I watched. It was like I was attending a historical play, but all of this was taking place live.

That, and I was a participant in this real-time “theatre” – or should I say in my very own historical fantasy sex story?

As the men signed away, deciding on the fate of our country, I stopped cleaning to observe them all. Each signature made me hotter and more in need of a hot fuck. Looking back, I really should’ve worn a scarlet letter on my forehead for the thoughts I was having! Under all of that tedious clothing, I knew those patriotic cocks were filled with cum and awaited celebration. Their prudish wives would not do for tonight. They were home taking care of their crying children. These men definitely needed whores to please them.

To be more specific, they needed whores who’d been dreaming about a historical fantasy sex story involving the Founding Fathers for a very, very long time!

Cheers as the night ended, most had gone to a drinking establishment to celebrate a job well done. President John Hancock remained behind, however. He was engrossed in looking over the formal documents. After all, his name the most powerful one on the parchment paper.

The pen and ink sat to the side, and I moved in quietly to clean. Little did he know that I only wanted to clean his cock.

I was a modern day whore in a historical fantasy sex story. Oh, to think of the secrets I would tell when I go back to the here and now!

The President of 1776 was a smart man. As soon as he spotted me, he knew what I wanted and quickly sprung into action. As I sat on his lap, his cock grew beneath me. I felt that hot rod thrusting against my lacy knickers. Could he feel my pussy soaking the front of his pants?

I’m sure the scent of a wet cunt in the air intoxicated him in a way that his wife never could.

I slipped from his lap to the hardwood floor in front of this powerful man. I chose to stay silent at first; sometimes silence speaks louder than (naughty?) words. Releasing his cock from his pants, my talented tongue worked up the side of the shaft to collect up its flowing pre-cum.

I carried on my historical fantasy sex story. My mouth devoured his cock repeatedly, licking and sucking up and down the shaft. For an older man, he was enormous and I could feel the power and prestige behind each groan he gave. Was this his first blowjob? Perhaps it was. Things were quite different in the year 1776 than now.

President Hancock’s balls tightened as a warning sign to fireworks exploding in my mouth. I knew I needed to stop before he lost his cum inside of my throat.

“Mr. President, please fuck me,” I pleaded, trying not to sound too much like Marilyn Monroe as she’d wished a happy birthday to JFK. “Please fuck me like you’ve never fucked a woman before!”

I begged him to take me right there on the desk – the very desk that my historical fantasy sex story was written on. He laid that document underneath me, pulling the panties from my loins. With one hard thrust, he was inside.

At last, I was fucking a Founding Father of the United States of America!

Pounding my pussy like a jackhammer, it was a matter of strokes before he came. The searing heat of his cum set me off and I came along with him. We had slightly soiled the document below us, sealing the words in our flowing cum.

My historical fantasy sex story was far from over. Traveling back to 2019, I found myself pregnant. Ooops! How am I supposed to write that name on a birth certificate, I wonder?

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