GOT Supernatural Sex – Fucking the Night King Back to Life

GOT supernatural sex – by now, judging from my “sexy scifi girls you’d like to fuck’ post, (as well as many many others!), you probably know I am a HUGE geek / nerd. So it’s no surprise that I am (or maybe was) obsessed with Game of Thrones.

You may have noticed that I used the past tense, since the last season miserably failed to live up to my standards. And I’d be more than thrilled to discuss this issue with you before plunging into kinky scifi roleplay phone sex on our next call. I’ve explored all sorts of GOT fantasies in the past – incestuous sex between brother/sister or aunt/nephew, not to mention rape and lesbian brothel scenes.
There is a type of fantasy from the show I’ve never explored, however. That would be GOT supernatural sex.

Throughout the entire show, we see the Night King and his army of white walkers slowly make their way over to the wall. He suddenly dies in the middle of the season. Needless to say, I was a bit surprised to have the show’s main protagonist suddenly burst into an explosion of ice.

So maybe it’s only natural I write an imaginary story about the evil Night King and how GOT supernatural sex brings him back to life.

Let’s pretend that after he dies, he manages to put himself back together for a brief moment, but he’ll need to drain me of human life to remain alive.

So let’s get started with my GOT supernatural sex story!

I wanted this. I wanted the Night King deep inside of me, fucking me hard and raw right there on the ground, with tall trees standing on either side of us. So when his glowing blue eyes stared deep into my soul, seeking to make me tremble, all I felt was a sick craving to engage in GOT supernatural sex.

Would his touch turn me into one of his mindless slave white walker slaves? I guess I’d find out soon enough.

He proceeded to rip off my dress and toss it over his head. He was going to devour me now, but I did not feel scared at all. I squirmed under his gaze. My eyes begged him to rip me apart like the ice demon he was, showing no mercy while he indulged in my GOT supernatural sex fantasy.

Grabbing my ankles, he yanked them apart and crept in between my thighs. His cock was stiff and huge, ice cold, aiming right at my tight pussy. Frosty and veiny, his dick held a girth that knocked me out of breath. My pussy squealed with delight, and so did my whole body.
The Night King would ravage me with his monstrous cock–a sight that should terrify humans. But there was no going back. This was what I wanted – to become his evil Night Queen. It wouldn’t be Cersei Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen, as some online forums theorized. Engaging into GOT supernatural sex with the Night King would grant ME this honor.

He lowered himself to me, pinning me underneath his staggering weight of ice. An unearthly cold enveloped my skin, numbing my senses with a cold wind picking up. But it wasn’t enough to numb the stabbing pain between my legs as he plunged deep inside of me. A scream tore my lips apart, and my voice dispersed in the wind, echoing off into the distance.

The Night King’s cock was a force of nature, stretching me open as he reached deeper. Although the pleasure he brought me was laced with pain, I wanted more of him.

I draped my legs around him, pulling him close. He was cold to the touch, making my legs weaken. They threatened to detach from him, but I tightened them even harder around him.

I thrust up to meet him, letting him fully slide in. And when he did, my whole body wrecked with pleasure and pain. I fell back to the ground, shuddering and gasping. My mouth stayed open, but no more screams could make it through my iced, quivering throat.

He thrust in and out, building a slow rhythm. His sharp cock trailed along every contour of my pussy, leaving a chilly path behind. I moaned hard, my heaving tits crushing my perky nipples into his broad icy chest.

He slithered in and out of me, slow and steady. And each time he pulled out, I felt a part of me escape through the gaping hole between my legs. I was losing my human self to him and bringing him back to life. I grunted hard with each thrust of his icy cock. But he was as mute as a rock, regarding me with his soulless eyes as I lost myself to him.

The Night King was all that I wanted. I wanted to become one with him, to be the evil queen by his side as he rocked the world with his power. My GOT supernatural sex fantasy had finally become reality.

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