Top Three Sexy Scifi Girls You’d Like to Fuck

Sexy scifi girls – I’m actually into them as much as you are! I’ve certainly enjoyed my share of lesbian orgies and participated in plenty of threesomes! Whether it’s a one-on-one session with a hot girl or a kinkier scenario involving both men and women, I’ve never been known to turn down any type of lesbian action.

A woman’s body is just as beautiful to me as a man’s to me. With curves in all of the right places, a pair of beautiful perky tits and pink pouty lips (both types!), you really can’t go wrong. And you may know from my previous nerdy teacher sex stories and lessons, I’ve had my fair share of mathgasms myself. So the fact that I often masturbate to headstrong sexy scifi girls should come as no surprise to anyone.

I’ve received plenty of role-play requests from you naughty boys and horny men involving hot girls from epic movies and TV shows. So I’ve decided put together a list of the top three sexy scifi girls (including fantasy) in the world of cinema.

1) Princess Leia Organa

Everyone expects Star Wars’ famous and rebellious princess to be one of the top sexy scifi girls in this list. The franchise is as classic as she is, and the movies are full of sexy scenes that turn me on. She stands up to Darth Vader in a white dress that hugs her curves, then the next thing we know, she’s chained to Jabba-the-Hut in her legendary metal bikini. She snarls back at the smug Han Solo in between exchanging flirtatious kisses with her brother Luke. (True, she was trying to make Han jealous, but still…)

2) Arwen Evenstar

Do you remember the sublime Elvish goddess from Lord of the Rings? Cause I sure as hell can’t get her stunning beauty and classic features out of my head. Those of you with a more sensual probably appreciate her dark hair, blue eyes, pale skin and majestic aura. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the gorgeous Liv Tyler portrays her in the movies!

She might not be the haughty spitfire that Princess Leia is, but Arwen is nevertheless fearless. I especially recall the scene when she’s galloping on a white horse, her long dress trailing in the wind while escaping the terrifying Nazgûl and their blood-curling screeches.

Naturally, the romantic inside me still sighs when she finally reunites with her true love Aragorn at the end.

3) Daenerys Targaryen

How could the powerful and sublime mother of dragons from Game of Thrones not make it on this list of sexy scifi girls?? She’s pretty much become the epitome of a beautiful, fearless queen. It’s not just her platinum blonde hair and curves that I admire, but let’s face it. Anything that stands in Daenerys’ way doesn’t stand much of a chance. She’ll set a hoard of crude Dothraki men on fire and dump her lover before she sets sails across the Narrow Sea. That is, before she burns down half of the Lannister army while riding on her dragon and having hot, steamy sex with Jon Snow. It’s a no-brainer that she’s also made it to my list of best sex scenes in Game of Thrones!

By all means there are plenty of other ladies who could be on this list… I’d love to add some of the Bond girls, the women from Marvel comics, or sexy action figures like Lara Croft. So call me at 1-888-413-5974 to discuss what’s at the top of YOUR list of sexy scifi girls. After all, I am the geekiest girl here at Phone Sex Kingdom!

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