Best Sex Scenes in Game of Thrones

Best sex scenes in Game of Thrones – This title alone tells you the show isn’t exactly what your child should be watching by your side… Unless you want to expose him/her at an early age to the world of incest, brothels and rape. You might already know from my previous brother sister sex story and aunt phone sex entry that I am personally OBSESSED with the show. So it was only a matter of time I wrote about the best sex scenes from Game of Thrones. Hence this blog is dedicated to all the nerdy fans out there who share my infatuation for the show.

In no particular order, here are the best sex scenes in Game of Thrones.

Number One: Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow (or should we call him a Targaryen as well?)

This is by far one of the best sex scenes in Game of Thrones. Why? The entire show focuses on each character individually; the fans await the Ice and Fire encounter impatiently as Daenerys sails across the Narrow Sea. She leaves her lover behind and practically heads straight into the arms of Jon Snow.

The sexual tension between these two is felt as soon as they meet. Daenerys is curious about the bastard King of the North who refuses to kneel before her. Jon Snow is obviously drawn to the queen’s high strong spirit and undeniable beauty. But yet there are numerous signs they are related throughout all of Season 7.

So when he shows up at her bedroom and the cameras zoom in on them rolling around in bed naked, this turned me on like you wouldn’t believe. At this point, they have no idea they are aunt and nephew but really, who gives a flying fuck at this point? I certainly don’t, and maybe that’s the reason I have no reservations about enjoying incest phone sex.

Number 2: The Lesbian Scene at Littlefinger’s (Lord Petyr Baelish) Brothel

Prostitution is a major theme in the show. So undeniably, one of the best sex scenes in Game of Thrones involves Littlefinger and one of his numerous brothels. This is probably the most explicit sex scene in Game of Thrones, as he teaches two whores how to be more natural and enjoy themselves. The two women begin to fondle and kiss each other’s perky tits. In the middle of their kinky humping, they invite Littlefinger to join their erotic foreplay, but he carries on with his instructions. “You be the man, and you be the woman,” he says, followed by “Now play with her ass.” Loud orgasms soon follow and I assure you that my panties certainly got damp during that scene!

Number 3: The Rape Scene Between Jaime Lannister and his twin sister, Cersei.

I find many rape scenes in films to be a turn on, so this particular mise en scène, albeit short, still ranks as one of the best sex scenes in Game of Thrones. Jaime forces himself on his sister right next to their son’s dead corpse. Morbid, but still kinky!

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