The perfect excuse not to wear any panties – National No Knickers Day!

One of the things I find strange about the US is the craze for creating ‘special days’.  National Deep Fried Clams Day, National Sesame Street Day, National…whatever. There’s always some nonsense popping up on my Facebook feed, so I decided to create my own day. Emily’s National No Knickers Day!

It’s very simple, on National No Knickers Day, women wear short skirts and no knickers. London is a bit chilly right now. I should have chosen a nice warm day in summer, but I couldn’t wait that long. November will have to do – and we might even call it National No Knickers Month, or No Knickers November.

National No Knickers Day gives me the chance to flash my pussy

If I’m honest, I’ve always enjoyed flashing my pussy in public.  As a teenager, I  used to give people cheeky flashes on the bus and train.  These days I’m a lot more stylish. I dressed in a short skirt just respectable enough to be classed as part of a business outfit. I didn’t bother with stockings and had shaved my pussy to leave a short wedge of clearly visible hair.

On my day off, I ran some errands in the City. Then I’d have lunch with a girlfriend and do some shopping. I caught the morning train and sat across from two suited office workers. They looked tired and miserable so I decided to cheer them up. Catching one of the men’s eyes I smiled. When I had his attention I slowly and deliberately opened my legs.

The poor guy nearly had a heart attack and didn’t know where to look (for about half a second). He was sitting less than six feet away and had a perfect view of my pussy. He stared at it like he’d never seen one before. When I got off at the next stop he must have been really disappointed. National No Knickers Day was off to a great start!

A short walk took me down the steps to the Victoria Line.

I caught the Northbound train and looked around the carriage.  Sat across from me was an attractive woman in her 40s. Not usually my type, but there was something about her that interested me. I made eye contact with her and leaned back in the seat with a half-smile. Then I casually opened my legs and closed them again. Most women immediately look away, but this one just smiled. If anything, she was amused by National No Knickers Day and at the hot female flasher opposite her. A minute later, I opened my legs again – and kept them open.

This time she stared me full in the face. I met her gaze (with some difficulty) and she looked down to stare between my legs. I adjusted my posture to give her a full view and opened my legs wider. She eventually looked up and I mouthed the words “I’m wet”. The woman stood up and crossed the aisle to sit next to me. She pressed her leg against mine and let her hand rest casually on my thigh.

A tube station bathroom isn’t the most romantic place for sex but we slipped into a cubicle and locked the door.

I’d barely started to kiss her when I felt a soft hand caress between my thighs. I was so wet that her finger slipped straight into my pussy, easily followed by another. I pushed my tongue hard into her mouth and pulled up her tight pencil skirt.  And just like me, she’d honoured National No Knickers Day!

Also wet, I rubbed and kneaded her clit as she finger fucked me. I was desperate to see her boobs and pulled her sweater up with my free hand. I hooked her bra over the top of her breasts and bent down to suck a rock-hard nipple.  And then she pushed my head down towards her invitingly juicy cunt…

Did I lick it? Hmm… what do YOU think? Call your favourite English girl to hear what happened next and have some super hot phone sex.