A Hot Female Flasher In The Making…

A lot of people think that flashers are dirty old men in raincoats. Usually, they’d be right, but what they don’t know is that a surprising number of women get a thrill out of exposing themselves to strangers. A lot of naughty English schoolgirls also go through a phase of flashing. Let me tell you about how I got started as a hot female flasher.

It was during one of our rare scorching hot summers in the UK, when I was still a teenager. A gang of us caught the local train down to the seashore and I’d worn my bikini under a short skirt and tank top. As soon as we got to the water I stripped off and jumped straight in. When it was time to go home, I didn’t want to wear a wet bikini under my clothes so I went into the bushes and took it off. It was only a short journey home and I enjoyed the naughty thrill of not wearing a bra or knickers under my scanty clothing!

I Was Tired After A Day By The Sea And Started To Doze On The Train

I woke with a start to find a man staring at me. With a sudden blush I realised that he was looking up my skirt and had a perfect view of my shaved pussy. I clamped my legs together and looked out of the window in embarrassment. But it was starting to turn me on. I was enjoying being a hot female flasher! There were plenty of passengers in the compartment and the man couldn’t do anything …

A minute later I slowly opened my legs again and turned my hips towards my voyeur. I also arched my back, pushing my boobs out. The man was in shock and didn’t know where to look. But he soon got the message and stared fixedly at my pussy. I loved the feeling of power that I had over the wretch. I deliberately closed my legs and then arrogantly ignored him. As soon as I got home, running to my bedroom, I  locked the door and breathlessly fingered myself to a shuddering orgasm!

From That Moment I Was Hooked On Flashing

It became a private game that I played several times a week. Short skirts made it easy to offer glimpses of my pussy in any public place, but I wanted more than that. The challenge was how to remain in control of the situation. One day I took the plunge and quietly purloined my sister’s knee-length designer black leather coat. I also wore shiny black boots – and nothing underneath.  I became a prolific and very hot female flasher, getting more daring day by day.

It was a huge thrill walking around the streets of one of Britain’s biggest cities completely naked under my borrowed coat. It was also a bit scary and I was worrying that I may get into trouble.

I turned off the high street and walked down a quieter side street, passing a small modern art gallery. The view was partially blocked by a parked delivery truck and the street was quiet. Inside the window, a man in a smart suit looked like he was arranging a painting.

I Walked Up To The Window And Looked Inside.

The man saw me and gave me a friendly smile. With my heart pounding so hard I thought it would burst, I looked up and down the street. I was alone. I quickly opened the coat and let the man see my naked body, turning slightly to give him a perfect view. The poor man was in shock, and must have wondered if he was hallucinating, but couldn’t believe his luck either.

I held up my hand, showing him the tips of my fingers, and then deliberately lowered it to my pussy. Despite my nervousness, I was dripping wet. I raised my hand again and smeared my juices on the window, then buttoned my coat and walked quickly away…

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