Nasty freaky sex will it make you sick to your stomach or your dick hard?

My sexual experiences range from missionary and very vanilla all the way to nasty freaky sex and BDSM along with everything in between. Today you are going to read about Alex and me. Alex is my friend’s husband. Yes, you read that right, my friend’s husband. Some of you may remember Alex from a previous blog. He kidnapped me and held me prisoner in his basement for the weekend when his wife was out of town.

He made me his sex slave, I was not upset about it at all.

Alex has to have one of the biggest cocks I have ever seen in my life. All of these BBC out there don’t have anything on my boy Alex. After that weekend I swore that I was not going to give up that dick, I vowed that I would do what I had to do to keep fucking him. Alex loves nasty freaky sex. I am now trained and know exactly what he likes and exactly what he wants. One of the things that he likes to do is bend over on all fours in the doggy style position with his chest on the bed. Arching his back, his ass is now up in the air. I come up from behind him and get in between his legs.

Now if you are thinking I am going to fuck him with my strap on you are wrong, but I do like your thinking and you can call me so we can have some fun also.

I do love my strap on fun. But anyways I start to lick his asshole. Taking my hands and spreading his ass cheeks so I can get my tongue deep inside makes him nice and hard. I stroke his cock while I fuck his asshole with my tongue.

He loves our nasty freaky sex time and I love being his dirty little whore.

Even though he only likes to get his ass licked and maybe a finger or two inside he likes to play with my ass. When he is all alone he will call me over and I will rush over to him and be his little submissive slut. I walk in the house and get undressed then get on my knees and wait for his instruction.

Kneeling down I do not speak until I am spoken to.

Today there was not much said he came up to me grabbing the back of my hair he shoved his dick deep down my throat. I knew the bigger it got the more I would choke and gag on it but I had to work through it and relax my throat so I can assure that he gets the best blow jobs from me. I definitely do not want him going to anyone else. Flipping me over and shoving my face in the bed he held me down while he spits on my asshole and without warning shoved that huge hard cock inside.

I felt the tears fall from my face as I felt my asshole stretch wide open.

Normally I would have prepared and used an enema last night to guarantee there will be no accidents today. As he continued to pound my ass I could not get my mind off of that thought. One final shove and he held his cock all the way in,.  I felt his warm creamy cum fill my ass.

As he pulled his cock out the smell of shit filled the air.

Oh no I thought. I did not even want to look but Alex had other plans. He wanted ATM, ass to mouth. Grabbing me by the back of my hair again he shoved his shit covered cock in my mouth.

He called me a dirty little whore and ordered me to clean his cock up.

As I licked and sucked making it all nice and clean for him he pulled his cock out and dick slapped me. Dirty whores get treated this way. Do you think so? If you answered yes to this question then you need to call me for naughty dirty phone sex. Then I can give you the pleasure of fantasy sex for Christmas.

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