Sex for Christmas, is this a thing?

Sex for Christmas, yes unfortunately it is, There are so many men in the world that only get sex on special occasions. After hearing this I needed to do research. Sex For Christmas And Other Holidays, The Truth From The Men Behind This Gift is about my findings on this touchy subject. Yes, this is a touchy subject.

Michael who is a 48-year-old divorced male comment that when he was married he would take it anytime she was willing to give it up.

The last 2 years of his marriage were sexless. He would have loved to have sex for Christmas or any other holiday for that fact. Now that he has a much younger girlfriend that can out sex him he is 100% completely satisfied and he knows that he will get sex for Christmas and every other random day that she wants to get on top of his cock and ride him until he fills her pussy with his cum.

Next, we have a 42-year-old man named, Cass.

Cass is happily married and he loves his wife Cheryl. Cheryl will have sex with Cass whenever he wants but she refuses to give him a blow job. So now in my head, this can be a 2-way street. I asked him if he eats her pussy. “Of course” he replied. Now my heart is breaking for him.

What kind of woman will lay there and get her pussy ate but not return the favor and suck on her man’s cock?

In my head, this is bull shit and I made it very clear to him that I felt this way. Before my blood pressure goes up to much and I set myself up for a heart attack. Let’s move on to Jason. Jason is 36  also married and his wife, Michelle is just a freaky like me. Unfortunately, Michelle does dot swallow. She won’t even let him cum in her mouth. Jason said everything else is on point with the sex life but if she were to let him bust in her mouth every Christmas he would be ecstatic about it.

f that is the only time he would get a blow job or have sex was on special occasions he would be single.

To be honest I don’t blame him Sex for Christmas takes a turn when I talk to Kyle. Kyle is completely single and has random girls that he fucks on the daily. He is the perfect example of a male slut. He has been with so many girls in his life that he has encountered all girls and dealt with all of their sexual flaws. Sex for Christmas is one of the main reasons he is single. His story began when he was engaged to be married and one of his ex-girlfriends had got a hold of him via Facebook and said she was thinking about him.

He knew it was a bad idea when she told him she got him something for Christmas and to come over. Against his best judgment, he showed up. Walking in the house there was a note that said to follow the rose pedals. He did and they led him to the living room where Emily was laying underneath the Christmas tree. She wearing nothing but a big red bow.

Let’s just say that sex for Christmas turned into a long affair with Emily and Kyles’s fiance found out about it and that is how he became single again.

Yes, he does enjoy the single life so much more than being engaged. If he is not happy with a girl sexually he just moves on to the next one. As far as he and Emily well they still hook up every Christmas. So I guess you can say sex for Christmas worked in this scenario. My advice to everyone is to make up your one-week sex challenge and see how compatible you are with your partner before its too late.

When you are in too deep sometimes it’s hard to walk away.

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