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Since I’m the oldest I have the luxury of watching all the neighbor hood kids. On Fridays all the parents in the neighborhood send their kids to my house and I’m a good, rule-following babysitter. But for one of the parents he only know me as the nasty babysitter. And yes, I do accept his form of payment.

He’s such a fucking stud I can’t help myself! One night he told he forgot his wallet and that happened to be the night that I was super fucking horny. I’d already snuck to the bathroom twice to rub my pussy against the sink. I told him that I was craving a certain kind of payment….fuck yeah I wanted anal! His son was still asleep so I thought I’d let him rest before being taken home and I invited his dad to my bedroom. Trust me, I did not hesitate to bend all the way down to spread my ass open. I looked back at him and rub my ass on his dick and it was time!

This was the kind of hardcore fucking I’d been craving!

He sat on my chair and I sat straight in his dick and started fucking him like I had the deepest itch to scratch. I could feel his entire cock throbbing from base to tip as I pushed it farther and farther into my ass. He grabbed ahold of my hips and I looked back at him ad held me up and fucked my tight little hole from under me. I was fingering my pussy and rubbing my clit as he covered my mouth. Oh yeah… don’t wake the baby. I bit into his hand and kicked as I groaned to him that I was cumming. His fucking only got easier as my pussy juices became the natural lube.

I fell to my knees and turned around with his cock right in my face. “Come little slut, be my good little ass to mouth whore, lick it clean.” Mmmm he’s so fucking lucky he made my cream so good I had no reservations about looking right up at him as I sucked his cock clean not bad. My ass tastes pretty good. Don’t you want to cum take a bite of this peach?

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