My life has started getting a little hectic and busy so my cum slut husband brought up the idea of hiring a nanny to help with the kids. I put out the ad and when naughty nanny Mia answered it I was intrigued. So I offered her an interview and had no plans of it turning into some nanny interview sex but Mia’s hot little body changed that for me! Making sure to set up for the next day, I was actually looking forward to interviewing her. Mistress Paris was going to give this girl the opportunity of a lifetime!

I was standing upstairs looking out my huge bay window from my home office, fantasizing about nanny interview sex. Watching as she got out of the car and admired my beautiful home. I studied her as she walked into my home and then headed for the stairs. My servant let her in and I walked down the stairs. My heels clicking on the floor alerted her and she looked up at me.

Looking her over as I told her to follow me to my office and turning without saying another word. I could hear her stumble as she rushed to follow me. I just loved making them feel so intimidated by my beauty and power. Opening up my french doors and leading her into the ornate office. I walked over to my desk and sat behind it. Crossing my beautiful tan legs in my black pencil skirt I told her to have a seat. I asked her the basic interview questions as I started to imagine having a nanny interview sex with the naughty Mia.

I wanted to peel Mia out of her little skimpy dress and have nanny interview sex!

After getting the basics from her, I stood up and slowly walked to her. I wanted to make her feel like I was hunting her and that she was my prey. My nanny interview sex prey. Seeing her cheeks flush and the way she rubbed her legs together let me know it was working. I got behind her I put my hands on her shoulders, digging my nails into her. Then leaning down to her ear as I started to ask her more personal questions. I asked for her body size and if she had any kinks or established dynamics, and if she was a top or bottom.

Seeing how I was affecting her made my pussy clench and get wet. I trace my hands over her collarbone and down to her sweet cleavage. “One stipulation to becoming my nanny, I have to make sure you can take some pain.” I grabbed hold of her nipples and yanked her up to her feet. I was going to act on my fantasy of nanny interview sex. I pushed her onto my desk and yanked up her dress. She was wearing these sexy pink flower lace panties and I just had to make her cheeks blush to match them!

I was about to blister Mia’s ass!

Lifting my hand so I could start smacking her tight ass. Leaving beautiful little red handprints all over her ass. Mia was obviously aroused. Her pussy was dripping down her thighs. Pulling her panties to the side I slid two of my fingers inside of her. Fucking her with them as I continued to spank her with my other hand. Right as she was about to cum I pulled them out of her. Grabbing her by her hair and saying, “you aren’t to cum unless I come first or I tell you too, do you understand me, Mia?”

Dragging Mia over to the chaise lounge and shoving her to her knees. I pulled up my skirt to my hips and showed her the black garter and stockings and my wet pussy. I sat back on the chaise and told her to eat me till I cum. Mia shoved her face into me and licked and sucked and tongue fucked me like she was starving. She slid a few fingers inside my cunt and fucked me till I came all over her face.

I pushed Mia off me and as her ass hit the floor I stood up and walked to a cabinet to grab a flogger and strapon. Picking her up off the floor so I could give her a flogging and fucking like she never had before. Once she cums hard for me I grabbed a french maid outfit and tossing it to her. “Make sure to wear that or you’ll be punished.” This is why I love my dominating phone sex as Mistress Paris!

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