Finally, in my last year of college, and it’s going to go by like a breeze. Right now, being a maid and doing roleplay phone sex just isn’t enough. Therefore, I’ve opened up my own nanny business, and it is popping off! Luckily, a woman named Paris just gave me a call for a job. Apparently, though, her husband is some big shot, and they have one hell of a mansion! This could be the big score I’ve been needing. Honestly, it hits some of my biggest kinks too. I lay back in bed and touch myself to the thought of getting nanny interview domination with the new hot Mistress Paris.

The next day, I find myself eager to make it to the mansion. I arrive in my crappy little car and pull up to the gate. A voice answers on the intercom, and I say I’m here for the interview. The grand gate opens, and I drive myself to where I see her cars parked. Then, I walk up nervously to the door, and before I even knock on it, a servant answers and leads me inside. My mouth falls open at the fanciness of the place.

Soon after, I hear the clack of her heels on the staircase. She’s absolutely stunning; I could drool! My head goes down, and I advert my gaze, bowing to her. “Hello, my name is Mia. I’m here for the interview”. I look up at her now, and she’s a lot closer to me, looking me over. She gives a smile and walks off, motioning me to follow behind.

Wow, I can’t believe the size of her office! Plenty of room for some Nanny Interview Domination!

Coming into her office, I’m immediately intimidated but also so turned on. It’s impossible not to imagine all the things this gorgeous, confident woman could do to me. First, she sits behind her desk and tells me to have a seat in front of her. Quickly, I sit in front of her and pull down my short dress, worried I may be trying too hard. The low-cut dress, showing off my cleavage too. All of a sudden, I feel very exposed as her eyes stare holes into me. Starting, she asks me some general questions about myself; easy enough for an interview.

Before I know it, she’s walking around her desk and behind me. She begins asking me more personal questions; body size, kinks, dynamics, and if I’m a top or bottom. I can’t help but bite my lip and rub my thighs together at the questions. Plus, her breath in my ear isn’t helping. This is the hot lesbian tease I’ve been craving! My body shudders as I feel her hands trace over my collarbone and down my cleavage. “One stipulation to being my nanny, I have to make sure you can take some pain.” Before I could react, she plunged her hands in my dress, grabbing my nipples and yanking me to my feet.

I hit her desk with an “oompf,” as I’m bent over and ass on display!

She lifts the back of my dress, revealing my pink floral panties. Then, she spanks me hard, over and over, turning my little cheeks pink! Her smacks make me just ache; my juices leak down to my thighs. I feel like her naughty torture toy! Noticing this, Paris slides her fingers into my pussy, and it makes me moan. I get right to that edge, and she stops. Telling me I can’t cum until she does, or she tells me to. She drags me by my hair to her couch and leans back on the chaise. Eagerly, I eat her pussy, lapping up all her deliciousness. Not soon after, I feel her cum around my fingers and tongue.

Then, she kicks me back off the chaise, making me fall on my ass. She grabs her flogger and strap-on coming over to me. Grabbing me up, she whips me and then gives me the biggest pounding of my life with our nanny interview domination. Once I cum herd around her cock, she lets me fall to the floor. She grabs a skimpy French maid outfit. “Put this on your shift starts now, and you’re to always be in uniform.”

Mia Kinky Crew

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