I had 2 naked college girls so I dressed them up.

Phonesex girls like me just adore naked college girls. But dressing them up can is more fun than watching them be naked. I will admit my birthday celebration of us 4 women and my Dom David at his lake house was an indulgence. When Mary put on those rags of denim she called shorts my eyes bulged. When Britney was in the white man’s dress shirt I had trouble breathing. But when Carrie put on the little translucence scarfs with lines of coins I fell in lust all over.

I love the lines of all human bodies. I see the beauty, grace, and potential for sexual attraction of every form. That is part of being Pansexual. Lord above knows those dips, hill, rolling curves playing in the light or shadows. And gracious god the sight of a lovely luscious young lady unmarred by life is very erotic. It always makes me want sex even sex while on the phone.

That’s why one of the things to say during phone sex with me is to describe in loving detail every sensation or sight. Like how Carrie’s cute little cunt looked so swollen and glistened with her excitement. She keeps waxed or shaved where so she is as smooth as a baby’s bottom. To look at her most would say she is slightly overweight. I say she is built for pleasure. The most beautiful women of history have figures like hers. Every inch makes your eyes beg to continue to travel. While the sight makes your mouth water wanting to worship her physically.

I am a very lucky lady to have such girlfriends. Ones that will bless me with a week of sexual freedom. Where the 5 of us all join together to spread the love, laughter, and joy.

LOL,  Like I said the best phone sex is with me,

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