Naked Babe Rocks Your World Streaking And Dancing

A naked babe walks down the street.  You look, but can’t conjure up the nerve to look away.  So intrigued by her beauty, you start to stare and even cat-call.  This chick is streaking her way up memory lane.  Pulling from the recesses of your mind, happy days of dancing in the moonlight with another wild and free soul.

One would think that a mature adult would be somewhere around.  Not even a prude at her most petty moment could stop the dancing and outlandishly seductive performance that was before our very eyes.  This naked babe was apparently highly imaginative.

Could She Be High?

There is no way this naked babe could be high and dance with such grace.  As if her eloquent movements were choreographed to put every guy and gal in sight into a trance.  Swinging around light poles like a stripper.  Standing on her tippy-toes like a poised ballerina.  Swirling her hips as a belly dancer would.  Embodying the gypsy spirit that will place a contract on you.

Who Knows Why She Does What She Does!

All I know is that there is a naked babe covered in body paint in the streets.  Could it be Carnival Season?  Maybe she went she woke up from a Swinger’s Party and decided to take it to the streets.  Then again, she might just be an exhibitionist that likes to show off.  Someone could have drugged her and it had adverse effects, but I beg to differ.  This naked babe seems to have drugged herself with the way she is bringing the party to the streets.  There isn’t even any music.

The way her perfectly round tits perk up has all of the guys drooling.  Somebody!  Anybody!  Please come pay this streetwalker.  She deserves an award for captivating her audience.  Thank goodness there aren’t any children in sight.  The show may come to an abrupt end, then.  Thank goodness, there aren’t any devout Christian folk in view to make her wear the shame of Adam and Eve.  Hell, it is that time of year to go without undies just like Aaron before his big brother Moses had a fit about his balls swinging.

Get Naked

I’m tired of standing on the sidelines. These clothes are so constricting.  My heels must stay put.  There is no way I’m getting athletes foot.  Call me voyeuristic no more!  Today, I’m becoming an active participant and taking my sidekick right along with me.  I can’t wait to see the looks on the faces within the crowd.  The anticipation is too much.  My heart is pounding and so is my pussy.  

Pulling my dress up over my head.  Sliding my bra down past my shoes.  Tracing every bend and curve along the way.  Outlining my silhouette with my hands, as I pose and show off my dazzling physique.  Never once thinking that the naked babe appears to be nakedly doused in body paint, might not be naked.  As I approach her, it seems that she has on nipple covers and someone painted over her thong. It is such a Debbie Downer because I thought I was going to get to see that pretty pussy.

Oh well!  Who cares!  Somebody come fuck me already!  I need to be fucked!  -I screamed

Then the world goes dark.  To my surprise, this was all a lucid dream.  For now, I find myself in my bed with a trashcan tucked close by from a night of too much bourbon.  Ruffling and fumbling around to find my phone.  The search begins for the best body paint.  Let’s take it to the streets in our next roleplay here at the Phone Sex Kingdom where it is safe to walk the streets proud and free.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke