Dandy Seductive Qualities Aren’t Always Metrosexual Male.

Dandy seductive qualities in this day and age aren’t always metrosexual male.  The term “dandy” can now be female.  To be a dandy is to simply utilize the opposite gender’s traditional sense of style and pizzaz to seduce your counterpart or prey. 

What Type of Seducer Are You?

Well, I’m a Southern Gal!  What else do you expect from me I’m charismatic but to be honest I’m a little frumpy at times.  Even though I’m beautiful, I do take on very masculine qualities on a regular day without letting go of my femininity.  This doesn’t transfer in my phonesex sessions due to the lack of proximity.  

In-person, I have a very masculine jawline.  I love to offset this by balancing my hip to shoulder ratio by accentuating my waistline and wearing my hair down to frame my face.  Yet and still, I am a dandy.  Dandy seductive qualities are very prominent in celebrities and characters such as James Bond (OO7), Erykah Badu, Oscar Wilde, Charlie Chapman, Pink, Russell Brand, Andre 3000…

Do You Possess Dandy Seductive Qualities?

Metrosexual men that cater to their appearance are often The Dandy.  From perfectly shaped and carved out brows and manicures to wearing feminine colors and dainty prints.   Men that used a woman’s sensuality to captivate an audience, or remained a wild card where nothing is taboo were The Dandy.  Until recently, only metrosexual men were dandies. Today, the term “dandy” is gender-neutral.

Have no limits.  Abide by an unwavering code of principle determined by your own with no regard or general opinion.  Be predictable but never tamed nor domesticated; for assimilation is for sheer amusement and not a palatable lifestyle.

The Perfect Dandy Feminine Outfit!

Put a tophat or a cowboy hat on me.  Make sure it is has something frilly and laced to turn the masculine-feminine.  Let my hair hang down, natural with the perfect cut.  No stress and no fuss hair, just like my male counterparts.  Put a button-up shirt on me, but don’t forget my pushup bra and tons of cleavage or turn it into a crop top.  Give me some tuxedo pants with the matching jacket in cobalt blue so you remember that between my thighs flows an ocean that you wish to swim in.

Give me a Chelsea boot with a rather tall blocked heel or some super feminine stiletto heels.  Don’t you dare skimp on the perfectly natural face with just enough makeup to enhance my features and remind you that I’m a polished lady.  My fragrance is going to be layered masculine and feminine.  After all, a guy loves to chase a gal that already has a Bo.  Tap into that primal instinct of jealousy and the chase with a bit of teak/mahogany/oud/musk/cedar or even sandalwood to throw your prey off course.  Don’t go too far left and tap into the Bohemian.  We don’t wish to appear as the offensive liner that just beat the crap out of your car!

Play the role of Charlie Chapman or 007 and tap into your dandy seductive qualities in a roleplay with me.  I’ll be the naked babe streaking through your dreams and the cheating wife that so happens to prefer voyeurism over cucking you.

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke