Nail fetish phone sex is just what I need after a long day at the spa getting a mani-pedi.

Your nail fetish turns me on. It’s the kink that just keeps on giving . . . and always provides a GREAT reason for me to treat myself! (which I would have probably done anyway, lol)

I have heard men are “more visual,” especially when it comes to sexual arousal. Maybe the vivid, bright color of my fingernails is what gets you hot. Maybe it’s their shape, that long, curvy, perfectly symmetrical sleek, and sexy look. Or maybe what makes your thick cock throb is the way those long, acrylic nails feel slowly grazing it from tip to bottom of your long shaft?

I have a special caller who loves me to play his “bitchy girlfriend” during our femdom phone sex calls. Our role play starts with me catching him doing something he shouldn’t be, i.e. being a “bad boy” yet again. And that’s when the claws have to come out, of course. He likes to get really kinky, always savoring the part of his “punishment” where I stick my long fingernail inside his peehole.

Foot fetishists can’t seem to get enough of my painted toes, either. Don’t they look pretty? And don’t you want to feel them around your cock, in your mouth? Open up, my horny little pervert pet! Maybe if you do a good job rubbing and sucking my pretty toes I will let you cum all over them. I think a nice, hot creamy layer of that sperm you’ve been saving for me would really add to the patina. 😉

Are you ready to satisfy your nail fetish phone sex craving? I hope so, because I am ready to scratch your nail fetish itch. I’m right here, waiting for your call!


Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke