Nail fetish is a real thing and damn can it be hot! I love when a guy calls for fetish phone sex about nails.

Nail fetish has the pleasure of seeing those bright red marks traced across a person’s skin.
It gives me goose bumps just thinking about it.
Mike came over one night and nearly fell to his knees when he saw the nails I’d just gotten done.
They were 1.5 inches long and the brightest pink you could imagine.
I knew my window would be small before Mike was shooting that hot load of cum.
After he got undressed I gave him some guided masturbation instructions. He did just as he
was told. Every now and then he’d feel my nails trail across his skin. The moans that escaped his lips were so fucking hot!
Once I knew he was close I let him actually fuck me. He didn’t want the normal cock in pussy fuck though.
 Mike wanted some hot and hard anal sex. Of course, I’d let him do that but only after I lubed him up with my mouth.  I sucked and gagged on his hard cock until he was begging for more.
The entire time I sucked him I made sure to run my nails up and down his shaft. If I were going to tease him any longer he wouldn’t make it to the actual fucking part.
As he fucked my ass I dug my nails into his back until he bled. The harder I dug the faster and harder he fucked me.
 Mike made us both cum hard and long!

Afterward, we lay there in a puddle of pleasure. I can’t believe how hot a nail fetish is. Gets me dripping just thinking about it!

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