Sex doll or dolls I think are really intriguing. Here’s why; you can do anything you want, they can’t say no.

Sex doll fetishists spend hundreds, even thousands on a quality sex doll. What if a guy could have a woman who behaved like a doll though?

A very good friend of mine named Jeff slipped that he had a sex doll. He wasn’t worried I would judge him and continued to talk about what she was like and how he named her. I asked why he chose to have the doll over dating a real woman.

Blushing, he said he had a stocking fetish and also liked to buy dirty panties online and have his doll (Jessa) wear them. Most of the women he dated also hated anal sex, by having the doll he could fuck as hard and violently as he wanted without being told no.

My panties clung to my pussy. Women all gab about how hot 50 Shades of Grey is, but when it comes down to it, they generally like tame pussified BDSM. I really did wanna submit and take whatever a man could dish out. Essentially being a fuck toy or sex doll.

Jeff could see my nipples poking against my shirt, he asked if I was turned on hearing how much he enjoyed Jessa. I admitted how I wanted to pretend to be a doll and have him treat me like Jessa. Since I was already at Jeff’s place, he left the living room and came back out with an outfit you would see college girls wear at a Catholic school.

He told me to behave like a doll. My body went stiff, but he was able to manipulate my body movements. Jeff undressed me and re-dressed me in the outfit. Once dressed he began using my body.

I truly felt like a sex doll when he thrust his cock hard into my mouth. I head my gag reflex the best I could.

Once his cock was rock hard, he turned me over and jammed his throbbing cock into my ass with only a small amount of lube for his own comfort, not mine. I held in my grunts of pain and pleasure. My body eventually accepted his cock and found pleasure in the feeling of him doing as he pleased.

I never did orgasm in a conventional way. It was more of a mind orgasm. I felt so much pleasure from our play. We still have fun with our fetish, and plan to explore more!

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 Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke