Nail Fetish Expert Adriana Has Exactly What You Need

Do you have a nail fetish? I shouldn’t even ask when sliding my fingernails up and down your back has already given you a nice bulge in your pants. Perhaps I should put a little pressure and let you feel some pain. Or perhaps you need to take off your clothes because your body and my perfectly manicured sexy long nails are about to show you a good time.

Getting on my knees is the best way to show you how hard I am going to make you cum. I take my index finger and start sliding it up and down your balls and dick. Mmm, that did the trick. Your dick is not rock hard and you need to feel my fingernails on you while I suck your dick, don’t you? So I do! Taking your cock deep down my throat I start reaching up. Feel my nails dig into your skin as you fuck my face. And you love it, even more, when my nails slide down under your balls and I pull them gently. Should I cross the line between pleasure and pain?

The best way to make me cum is to get on top of me as I wrap my legs around you. Feeling your cock deep inside me while you look into my eyes just makes me cream so good on your dick. And when I do, I dig my nails into your back. Leaving you marks so you can think about me the next day. But you can’t hold it anymore. Can you? I knew as soon as you felt those shiny red manicured nails on your back you’d want to blow inside me. So do it. Give it to me. Cum deep inside me.

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