The Principal Is A Foot Fetish Pervert

A foot fetish pervert is the last thing I would of thought of my nerdy principal. How I found that though was very interesting and how I used it against him was even better. It was one day I was in his office because I got into a bit of trouble. When I walked the office was empty and there was no sign of him anywhere. I sat on his chair just to see how it felt and to my surprise there was a tab open of some serious foot job.

When he walked in I was already sitting where I was supposed to. Once he gave me the whole lecture of being a better student bull shit he came around and leaned on the desk facing me. I took my chance then. I pushed my chair back and put my feet right on his crotch. He acted like he didn’t want it but as soon as took off my shoes and my feet felt his hard cock. I ordered him to get on his knees and worship them. Just like that I had him taking off my white socks and kissing my pretty toes.

With my bare feet I rubbed his cock once he pulled it out. He loved it. I could see him enjoying himself and that is when I started asking for my requests. I would stop every time I asked a question and he gave me a maybe. He moved my best friend to all my same classes, he was going to let me leave early a few days a week. He was even going to let me design the new cheerleading outfits. Once he was ready to cum I got on my knees and without even sucking him off he shot his load right in my mouth.


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