I was away visiting some relatives for the weekend recently, I hadn’t seen them in years since my teens. I had to go to that town a few hours away and didn’t want to pay for a hotel, it was too far to drive there and back in one day, so my mom mentioned this when talking to her sister and she said don’t be silly stay with us for the weekend, catch up. I had no problem with that, I always liked that aunt and uncle of mine, it would be nice to see them again and it was nice of them to offer to put me up to save on the hotel fee.

I arrived after my meeting I went to the town for and my aunt had made a nice dinner, I swear it had been well over 10 years since I saw them. They were were happy to see me and kept commenting about how  much I had grown up since they last saw me. I caught my uncle glancing at my tits more than once  and he realized that I noticed him staring and he blushed and stopped staring.They had gotten older and in particular my uncle was sexy in a more mature way.

We had a nice meal and conversation and I went to my room not long after. I went to sleep and had a very erotic dream about this guy I really like that I see often around my neighborhood. I woke up from the dream and all of a sudden was overtaken with horniness. I looked at the clock and it was nearly 4 am and I was wet from the dream. I realized I hadn’t taken the time to masturbate all week.

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My aunt and uncle were surely asleep at this hour, and it was totally quiet. I reached down between my legs and I was indeed wet, dripping actually. I sank my fingers into my sopping pussy and gently began to tease my already stiffened clit. Fuck I was horny! I started to buck my hips up and down and noticed the mattress started to squeak a little bit as I bucked, but it wasn’t that loud. I kicked the covers off of me and had my feet on the bed and my knees up, just grinding my middle finger against my clit as I rotated my hips in little circles. It felt so good, had been so many days since I’d cum.I have to admit that I am a chronic masturbator  and  I masturbate  every day.

All of a sudden I saw a crack of light out of the corner of my eye from the hallway and then was horrified to see the silhouette of my uncle standing in my doorway, as I was knuckles deep in my cunt with my right hand. I gasped and he walked in and closed the door behind him. He said it’s ok, don’t stop. It wasn’t creepy or weird for some reason, so I just started up again and he watched as the light from the moon streamed in the window, illuminating my pussy as he watched and then took his cock out of his pajamas and started stroking as he stood beside the bed.

It wasn’t long until he moved between my legs and took my sticky fingers in his mouth and then his tongue took over where my fingers had been. His tongue was divine on my swollen clit and lapped up all my juices and I soon came in my uncle’s mouth as I bit my lip to prevent waking my aunt in their room just down the hall. The next night we were naughty as well and went even further. I am very glad I got to go catch up with family members, you just never know how they have been since last you saw them.


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