My neighbor’s were going out of town overnight because of some business trip thing that was too far to drive back for and their young teen son didn’t want to go and insisted he was old enough to be left overnight alone and be trusted. They were unsure, and asked me to pop in a few times every few hours to make sure he wasn’t having some wild party or doing something he shouldn’t. I said that would be fine, I didn’t have anything else to be doing, so going over a few times wasn’t any big deal.

They left and a few hours later I went over to check on him and he was just watching movies, he was being good. He asked me to stay a while and talk and I said ok, so we were talking about this and that, and all of a sudden the topic changed to sex, he said he’d seen me through his window masturbating. I was taken aback and didn’t know what to say, so I just sat there as he told me he’d watched several times as I’d walked around my room nude and then laid on me bed and stroked my pussy. I was blushing, and he then said he’d stood and jerked off as he watched me. He said he wanted to watch me do it up close and not just across through the window. He said he’d masturbate too and we could do it together.

neighbor CJ

I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and knew his young cock was hard. He unzipped it and took it out and started stroking it, I can’t say I wasn’t aroused, and I pulled up my skirt and slipped my hand into my panties and was rubbing my clit as he watched. He walked over and pulled the panties of and knelt before me and started licking my cunt and boy, did that young neighbor know how to eat pussy! I laid back and just concentrated on the sensations as he worked my clit with his tongue and teased it and I wanted that young cock in my pussy. I pulled him towards me and guided in that cock into my cunt and felt his hardness sink into me as he fucked me hard. That teenage cock drove me wild.

I momentarily laughed to myself thinking I don’t think this is what the neighbors had in mind when they asked me to keep an eye on their son. He pinned me down and fucked me like a cougar whore. He bit at my nipples and pinned my wrists above my head and fucked me over and over and over again, driving that young cock into me until I exploded on his young cock and he then shot his load in my cunt.

It didn’t take but a moment for him to be hard again, common at that age, and I got him on his back and started to ride his cock and my tits were bouncing in his face, and he sucked on my nipples and I was just grinding my clit into the base of his young cock and feeling the pressure building inside of me as I was about to cum again and I rocked and I rocked and I came in wave after wave of ecstasy on my neighbor’s cock. I was soon rewarded with a spray of cum in my cunt until I could feel it dripping back down his cock in a puddle between us. It was fucking hot and we fucked like animals until his parents returned and even then we’ve carried on in secret, though it’s been hard to find the time for privacy. It’s good to have neighbor’s you like!

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