I started my sex toy collection when I was still just discovering my sexuality. 

It might seem kind of unconventional but my mother is who took me to the erotic bookstore. She explained that it was very important for me to begin my sex toy collection now. Figuring out what will get you wet can take a few tries. Rarely does someone get it right the first time! Reaching that first big orgasm on my own would be critical in my development, she believed. 

Mom taught me how to have phone sex with my boyfriends as a form of early flirting and masturbation. As we walked around the dildo shop, my eyes grew to the size of tea saucers. There were just so many different things to choose from that I truly could not believe it. We strolled and browsed the many shelves. I picked up a large inflatable buttplug called The Kinky Anal Whore. Mother smirked and declared that she and Daddy often used it in their own sexual exercises at home. 

Before you ask, of course, this was a slightly embarrassing shopping experience. 

I pointed out a chastity cage hanging on the wall, unsure of exactly what it was. My mom explained that it was for the cheating wife who was tired of their husbands giving them lip. Reminding me again that it was only natural for women to crave BBC over white cock, even if you had married him. This sex toy collection business really made me feel overwhelmed at times but Mother does always know best. 

After what felt like several hours of shopping, we checked out at the register. The woman who was working the counter asked if we needed lube to which my mother requested both water-based and silicone. All of the pieces went into bags and we were finally on the way home. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire ride because I knew what would be coming next.  It was a family tradition for the first experience to be shared between mother and daughter. Nevertheless, I was mortified and extremely nervous. 

Mom called my father on the ride home to give him our estimated arrival.

She instructed me to go into my bathroom and shower but to not put on any clothes. Instead, I was to report to my bedroom where she and Daddy would be waiting. 

I did as I was told but something happened while I was scrubbing my body. I began to get excited. Maybe I had just made peace with my destiny? Or perhaps the timing was just as right as my mother had said it was for this experience. 

I opened the door to my bedroom. My parents sitting there nude with all of the sex toy collection unpacked and cleaned. Every piece neatly laid out on the comforter with both bottles of lubricant sitting at the nightstand, right beside my teddy bear and diary. Mom asked me to get onto the bed and as I did, she stuffed pillows behind my back.

“Daddy is just going to watch, ok?” 

I nodded and looked down at my soaking wet little hairless pussy. I was ripe and ready for Mom to show me everything that being a woman was truly about. 



Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke