My Family Tradition: Getting stuffed by the whole family

The only word I can think of to describe Thanksgiving this year is; stuffed! After the family was done eating their meal, I went upstairs to take a little nap. Right as I was dozing off, my cousin Ryan came into the room. He asked if he could lie down and relax with me. I told him of course. As soon as he lay down his hands were on my hips and I knew what he was thinking! It was time to stuff his hot little cousin!

Come to find out, Ryan was sent into the room just to make sure that I was ready for our now annual tradition. He stood up, took my hand, and led me to the master bedroom. My father, brother, and uncle were present waiting for me. On the bed, they had rope, a blindfold, and a sexy little outfit laid out for me. They handed me the outfit and asked me to change in the bathroom.

I stepped out into the bedroom again to find them all down to their boxers, with hard bulges in their pants. They placed me on my back in the middle of the bed. My cousin Ryan started to tie my hands above my head, and then to the headboard while my daddy and uncle tied my feet to either side of the bed.

The blindfold was placed next.

I knew the fun was about to start when I felt someone breathing on my inner thigh. I wasn’t sure who it was but I knew that it was going to feel fucking amazing. Then I felt a tongue touch my clit. I jumped slightly only to have my shoulders shoved onto the bed by two men on either side of me.

The family member between my legs moved up further so that he was not completely on top of me! He teased my pussy with the tip of his hard cock right before slamming it into me. I still had no clue who it was. Then I heard my dad whisper in my ear, “God you’re still just as tight as you were last year!” This threw me right to the edge! He started to trust and out of me. I knew I was going to cum right on my daddy’s cock!

I couldn’t believe I was so aroused by him being inside of me! He pushed a few more times into me, and that’s when I lost it. I started to cum so fucking hard. I heard him moan and knew he felt me start to milk his pleasure stick! He came shortly after I did. He leaned in, kissed me on the lips, and then was gone.

Next, it was my cousin.

He was a lot bigger than my dad so he took it a little bit slower. When he was in my pussy completely, he started to move slowly yet rhythmically. He kissed me softly a few times and was whispering in my ear how badly he’s wanted me since last year.  He took my blindfold off after a few minutes so that he could see my eyes. I could feel my orgasm building as he continued to fuck my tight, now very swollen stuffed pussy! Ryan looked me in the eyes and then started to slam into me fast and hard. I again came as he pounded me. He came with a loud moan, and I even heard my name escape his lips!

My uncle fucked me next. He was fast and furious but still felt amazing having him inside of me. Then it was my brother’s turn. I had been watching him stand in the corner since they had started in on me. This was his first year participating. He’s only 16 so we didn’t want to start him off too young. I wanted to make this extra special so I leaned over to my daddy and asked him to untie me. He willingly obliged.

I had my brother, Mark, lay down on the bed.

I crawled up on top of him so my pussy was hanging right over his rock-hard cock. The cum from my dad, uncle, and cousin started to drip down my leg. I lowered myself onto his cock, and watched his face brighten up with pure pleasure. I slowly started to move back and forth so he could feel how tight I was! My swollen cunt started to pulse on his cock and then he was exploding inside of me! The look on his face is one I’ll never forget.

All four men left that night very pleased and happy! I got to leave with a dripping wet pussy and tons of cum inside. You could say I was thoroughly stuffed! Better than the turkey 😉

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