my mom my wife

As she got on her knees and pulled down my shorts. I could not help it, at this point I thought my mom my wife my slut

As soon as my cock sprang free Mom eagerly reached for it.

No sooner had it gotten out then my mom was all over it. She took my head in slowly, then engulfed the whole thing faster than I have ever seen anyone do it.

Then she sucked like a maniac.

It drove me wild, but she sure did know how to make a guy feel good. I had never felt anything as good in my life. And the thrill of knowing it was my mom devouring my cock added to the pleasure.

Well, it only took a few minutes of her great sucking to get me to explode into her mouth. She drank my cum all up.

Later I would learn that I am the only guy she ever drinks all up. It was the most intense orgasm of my life till then.

I could not believe it when I realized I stayed hard. But then she did not only drank my cum down, she kept licking till my cock was clean. And if that wasn’t enough, soon she was above my lap lowering herself.

I could see my dick at the edge of her pussy.

I felt it slowly enter her. She lowered herself at an agonizing pace. But I went all the way in, she sat there and started to kiss me with my cock buried up her pussy. I think we sat like that for 10 minutes.

Well, finally she started to bounce on the cock like a crazy rabbit. I watched as she took it all the way in and all the way back out.

After about 20 minutes of this finally I came shooting load after load into her. This was the start of something I never even dreamed of.

Well after our lovemaking we laid with each other for another 2 hours. We talked during that time about how we felt and what should or would happen now.

my mom my wife
my mom my wife

That is when my mom decided that she was going to get a divorce. She told me that she felt for me more than just lust or love of a mother to a son.

She said that she loved me more than my dad and she loved me as a man, not her son. I knew that I was in love with her.

Well the next Monday, my mom went to file for divorce. My dad signed it a week later. The divorce went well. And everything got spilt fairly.

The weekend after my dad moved out.

I moved all my stuff in with my mom’s stuff. We weren’t going to wait to be together any longer. My dream came true after a couple of years.

We moved to another city and got married. Now my mom my wife, and we are adopting a teenager. Mom says we will train her right from the start.

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my mom my wife
my mom my wife

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