Becoming Moms Lover

This is about me Becoming Moms Lover. My mom decided since it was such a hot day out that she was going to wear some tight short shorts and a tank top. I was just dropping my jaw when I saw her in that.

It was a dream cum true (pun intended). Her beautiful 36DD’s were hardly held at bay in that shirt and her perfect ass was so cute in those shorts.

I wanted so bad to run my hand up her ass and have her bend over for me. Well, we sat down outside beside our pool for a quick drink of some lemonade.

Becoming Moms Lover
Becoming Moms Lover

We started to talk about everything and it felt so cool to be able to talk to her like this, and it was so easy. After about two hours outside, she said she was going back in.

Well of course I was quick to my feet to follow that ass. I was just watching her walk thinking how sexy she looked in that outfit when she turned around.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, she smiled at me and then asked,

” You like what you see?”

All I could mutter was, “uh-huh.”

She said, “Well why don’t you come with me to the living room for a better look.”

I was astonished, to say the least. Here was my hot mom flirting with me, almost right out asking for me to fuck her.

What else could I do but run after her? When I got in she was already on the couch with her legs upon it. And she licked her lips and said

“Do you want me? Come on my son, you can tell your ole mom anything.”

I stammered, “Yes ma’am, I want you now, I love you.”

“Well, what are you waiting for?”

I walked over to her and she jumped up and wrapped her arms around my neck. Then she planted those sweet lips on mine.

God, it was going to be a good day. Our tongues danced the forbidden dance that felt so right. My hands moved down her shapely figure and grabbed her beautiful ass.

Becoming Moms Lover
Becoming Moms Lover

It was tighter than I thought it could be.

I knew I had found heaven. We kissed for a few minutes. She looked into my eyes and told me that she loved me more than anyone. God just to look into those eyes made me melt.

We kissed again longer this time.

We fell upon the couch with her on top of me. When we finally let our lips part as hard as it was.

She then sat back on her knees and took off her shirt. Of course, she had no bra on, those breasts were mine for the sucking.

I started to suck on one nipple, I moved to the other one, I started to jump back and forth between them.

Then I stopped and started to lick down her body. I got to the top of the shorts,

I had to move her to a better position. Then I unbuttoned the shorts and unzipped them. I could see the cute pink panty she was wearing.

Then I pulled her shorts down and removed the panties.

I thought the kiss was heaven, I was wrong, this sweet and beautiful pussy were the gates of heaven themselves. I licked around her thighs first, then moved around the opening of the pussy.

My tongue found it quickly and started to dart in and around it. I sucked on the clit till finally, my mom started to go crazy and came.

With all my mom’s tasty juices running all over my face.

It was the best juice I have ever had. Well, when she got done with her orgasm she got up and turned towards me.

“What goes around cum’s around, you know that Jacob don’t you?” she said.

“You made me cum, so now it’s my turn to make you cum.”

She got on her knees and pulled down my shorts. I had been wearing swimming shorts so I didn’t have any underwear on.

As soon as my cock sprang free Mom eagerly reached for it. I could not help it at this point I thought My mom, my slut, my wife.

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Becoming Moms Lover
Becoming Moms Lover

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