For weeks I kept my little cuckold in chastity.


My rule was that you could earn release if you found me a big cock. While you helped me get ready for my date, I teased you and make you agree to so many humiliating things.

Hours later after I finally return home from a date, the teasing continues, but confess that I am just too exhausted to do anything for you. As I instruct you to draw me a bath and close the door to the bathroom, I send you a text. “I just remembered, I forgot the key at his place. I’ll send the address if you want to go get it. Otherwise you’ll have to wait until I see him again.”

My little cuckold is so desperate and needy that you ask for his address.

As you drive to the apartment in panic, your fear that he answers the door becomes a reality. After the stranger invites you in, he asks what you want. Begging him for the key, my date informs you that it’s his key…. I had given it to him. You’re stunned that he won’t let you have it and don’t know what more to say. Just then, he breaks the silence….”but I might consider unlocking you.”

You feel a glimmer of hope, but are somewhat confused by that thought. “Can you please unlock me?” you ask. He laughs at you, my little cuckold,  “What are you willing to do?” You look confused.

Looking at you in a condescending way, he asks “what do you think I mean? I know you want to see this large cock. I bet you even want to see if you can still taste her on me.”

You begin to stammer….”I..I… I’ve never…”

Then he cuts you off, “well, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to. Look, you’re not leaving her with that tiny penis of yours unlocked. But I’m willing to unlock you so that you can stroke that penis while you worship my cock! But you still have to ask my permission to cum when you get close.”

Lowering his joggers before you have a chance to respond, my little cuckold is stunned. While you start to protest at first, he puts his hand on your shoulder and nudges you to kneel. By now, you seem to be on autopilot and beg to be unlocked.

My date smiles and tells you how pathetic you are. You have not choice but to grip that monster cock that very recently fucked the pussy you crave – my pussy! Even limp, his cock is quite impressive. Your lips part as you start worshipping his large rod. You feel it growing in your mouth. Shocked at first by how smooth it feels, you take him down easilty. “Can you taste her? Can you taste my slut?” he asks.

You can only mumble the affirmative without removing his massive cock.

The whole time he’s ridiculing and humiliating you. “You like that I fucked your bitch” and “I bet she won’t even feel you for a week…. and “I bet you love that she gave me the key”. Of course, there is no pointing in answering, because it doesn’t matter. He’s fully hard at this point, and teases, “do you want to be unlocked?” Removing his cock, my little cuckold continues to beg.

“Fine, but only if you confess a few things. Tell me I can fuck her whenever I want! Confess you want me keeping your key and don’t need to be unlocked unless I’m in the room! And tell me you want me to cum in your sissy mouth!”, he commands! He makes uoi repeat each one and confess it’s what you want.

Reaching down, he unlocks your caged penis. Then he informs you that you cannot cum until his cum is in your mouth. You have no choice but to agree. Finally, just as he is about to cum he says “she said you would be quite willing to do this, and I didn’t actually believe her.”

At that moment, he unleashes a torrent of cum.

His words fill my little cuckold with shame. You were really close to cumming, but not anymore. In fact, you’re not as hard as you were just a minute earlier. Now, you have a mouth full of salty cum and a softening penis in your hand. He says, “don’t swallow until you cum!”

Shockingly, you don’t want to swallow, but need to. More shame fills you!! You start jerking your penis with a feverish pace! Your heart RACING!!! It’s not working. You’re not fully hard, but not completely soft. He laughs at you. “I guess you only wanted to taste cum and not cum yourself. That’s ok, maybe next time. I gotta get to bed. You may swallow.”

You gulp. “Alright, stop stroking that thing. Let’s get it back in its cage!” And that is the story of my little cuckold.

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