After a long day at the studio, I stopped off at a bar down my street to wind down and relax my mind after an unusually stressful day at the studio.

Surrounded by strangers, the only seat left was at the far end of the bar where I could barely get the bartender’s attention. After waiting for what seemed like an unreasonable amount of time, I finally ordered my drink. Three sips into my whiskey sour, I was already beginning to feel my mind ease as I put the stress of my day behind me. Little did I know that my heavily fantasized erotic stranger fantasy was about to unfold in real life.

Suddenly, I noticed someone come up behind me. I felt a hard muscular body press up against me in an attempt to order a drink. The clean smell of a fresh shower and a man’s musky scent mixed together. As he leaned into me, I was beginning to feel turned on. Because of the way I was sitting and how he was hidden behind me, I couldn’t see his face. I had an erotic stranger fantasy like this once before. Suddenly I heard a faint whisper in my ear, “you are so sexy…don’t look back,” followed by the weight of a hand on my thigh.

My mind raced with excitement as my erotic stranger fantasy was about to unfold in real life.

The sexy stranger whispered in my ear that he wanted me and always gets what he wants. Teasing me from behind, he ran his hand up my leg and under my skirt. I couldn’t resist his strong touch. Right away, he noticed that I wasn’t wearing any panties as I heard a deep inhale in my ear. I could no longer hide my turn on as he could now feel how wet and primed my pussy was. He worked my wet slit from behind as I tried to keep it together to form the words to order him a drink. Once it arrived, the stranger told me to wait for him in the bathroom. Thoughts of my erotic stranger fantasy danced in my mind.

As I stood in the bathroom, wanting, anticipating, needing, the minutes went by and heat stemmed from my pussy. Just as I was about to start touching myself, the sexy stranger walked through the door and grabbed me from behind. He worked my dripping wet pussy. I was so ready for him and he had grown hard in anticipation. Finally, he freed his big, beautiful cock and moved up against me. He lifted up my skirt and shoved his large, hard, throbbing cock into me. With much anticipation, we were rocking, shaking, and we came together quickly with both of our bodies left trembling.  After finally catching my breath, I turned around to see my erotic stranger’s face. He was well built and gorgeous and I finally introduced myself to him…”Hi. I’m Quinn. It’s so nice to meet you. Thank you for fulfilling my erotic stranger fantasy.”

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