My Friends Hot Mom Gets Caught Fucking The Neighbor

I often go to my best friend Dawn’s house.  We grew up together and have keys to each other’s houses and everything.  I call her mom “mom” and we are so close, we don’t knock before entering each other’s houses.  The neighbor was fucking my friend’s hot mom when I came over after work one day and I walked in on her.  This turned into a much more fun evening out than I had originally anticipated.

One evening after work Dawn and I were planning to go out clubbing.  I went to her house after work to get ready so it would be easier to go out later.  Since Dawn wouldn’t be home from work yet, I let myself in.  I had planned to shower while waiting for her to get there.  Even though I was supposed to have the house to myself Dawn’s mom was home.  When I walked in there was clothing strewn all over the living room.  I slowly followed the trail of clothing down the hall.  I tiptoed along, careful not to make a sound.

Walking In On My Friends Hot Mom

When I got to the stairs, I paused.  Dawn lived in a split-level house & I was trying to figure out if I should go up or down.  Just then, I heard a low moan.  Deciding to go downstairs, I crept along the stairs.  At the end of the hall, there was light spilling out from under a door.  I crept closer and peeked around the corner.  There, in the middle of the room, was my friend’s hot mom on her knees sucking cock!

I never imagined walking in on this scene.  Just then, I realized it was the hot neighbor who had his cock in her mouth!  Giggling in shock I stepped into the room.  While I had expected them to spring apart, they just stood there.  My friend’s hot mom simply wrapped her hand around his cock and popped it free of her mouth.  We looked at each other and smiled.  I slowly walked over to them and dropped to my knees.

Neighbor Gets A Dual Blowjob

He wrapped his hand in my hair and forced me onto his cock.  His cock was hard and wet from my friend’s hot mom sucking on it.  She went underneath and began sucking his balls.  We edged him over and over until he finally jerked his cock free from my mouth.  Mom just simply pulled my head down and began kissing me as she undressed me.  She started to rub and squeeze my breasts.  The neighbor began rubbing my back and hips as he worked my pants down.

As he guided his cock to my pussy, mom turned around to lick his cock as it stroked in and out of me.  He pushed my head down while grabbing mom’s knees and folding them back so that her pussy was in the air.  I licked all along her clit and pussy, spreading her lips wide with my fingers.  I fucked her with my tongue and sucked her clit while she tongued mine.  It wasn’t long before she was cumming in my mouth.

So Much Fun, So Little Time

Mom was spent and so we changed positions.  I straddled her face and leaned on my elbows, my mouth just above her swollen pussy. I couldn’t help but giggle as I remembered my pussy filled with dog cum. He took turns fucking her pussy and fucking my mouth.  As soon as I would get him sucked clean, he’d shove his thick cock into her pussy and fuck her hard.  I rode mom’s face, grinding my weeping pussy onto her mouth.  Just as I opened my mouth and cried out with my orgasm, the neighbor withdrew and shot his load right into my mouth.

We all three laid there for a minute while we caught our breath.  Then, my friend’s hot mom smacked my ass.  I looked over my shoulder at her, gave a saucy wink, and climbed off.  Without a word, I simply gathered my clothes and went upstairs to shower and get ready.  By the time I was done, they were gone.  Dawn came home soon after and no idea what I had done while she was at work.  We went out that night and partied our asses off.

Our Little Secret

Through the years whenever I would visit Dawn, I’d remember the basement scene.  I’d pass her neighbor on the street outside and give a secret wave.  My friend’s hot mom and I would exchange secret smiles whenever we were in the same room.  Although this was one of my favorite experiences we never played again.  Dawn was never told of our secret playdate either.  Years later as a phonesex kingdom operator, this is one of my favorite memories to retell.

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