My Friend’s Dad Played The G Spot Game

This was the night I learned what a g spot was. He kept telling me that he could find it. Find what? I had no idea what he was talking about and he would say it every time he caught me alone. I was staying the week with them because my parents went on a second honeymoon to San Juan. Loved staying over at Shelly’s house but, things started getting weird once puberty started setting in. Her dad was always nice to me but, once we got into middle school he really unleashed his sunny side.

He was a single father and Shelly was his only child. He told me that he looked at me as his daughter too. Then he told me that he wanted me to be his special friend too. There was this game that he said he wanted to teach me called, “I got your g spot”. I was too young to know what a g spot was so, I just smiled and agreed to play. I trusted Mr. Robertson because he was always so nice to me. When he told me to meet him in the guest house next to the pool when Shelly went to sleep that night, I knew it was strange but, he said I would love the game.

When I walked into the guest house Mr. Robertson was naked on the bed. I was really weirded out but, he told me not to be nervous. He told me to take off my close and lay next to him. My heart was racing. What was about to happen to me and why were my private parts feeling warm and tingly. I removed my nightgown and lay next to Mr. Robertson. His cock was standing straight up in the air. I didn’t know what was happening. Mr. Robertson told me that he when he found my g spot I would know because it would feel really good.

I laid there as he pressed his face in between my legs. He pushed his tongue up against my g spot and I moaned. He said I tasted like fresh peaches. Then he licked my clit over and over and over. I closed my eyes and began breathing heavily. He whispered, “Almost got it.” When my moaning became louder and more intense Mr. Robertson stopped eating my young pussy. He looked at me with a smile on his face and said that he was going to use something else to get my g spot to cum out and play.

What do you think he did next? What do you think his secret weapon was?

I can’t wait to tell you what made me cum super hard while my best friend Shelly slept the night away.

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