Sex is always fun but when there’s fear and danger it heightens all of the sensations and makes it a thousand times better. I wanted darkness so I called up one of my fuck buddies and told him what I wanted. I want it my forced fantasy to come to life.

I was coming home late at night and was just about to open my front door when somebody grabbed me from behind. A hand clamped over my mouth while an arm held me around the waist. A hushed voice whispered in my ear “Don’t scream or try to run.” I nodded and he loosened his grip so I could unlock the front door. He pushed me inside and kicked the door shut behind him. He grabbed my handbag and threw it on the floor then pulled my coat off. He grabbed my hair and yanked my head back. “Don’t look at me, keep your eyes closed.” I nodded again and he pushed me forward to the staircase. I stumbled up the stairs as he held my arm tightly and we went into my bedroom. He didn’t bother turning the light on and just began ripping my clothes off. I could hear the buttons popping off my blouse as he tore it and my pantyhose were in ribbons on my legs.

When I was wearing nothing but my panties he pushed me towards the bed and said “I’m going to fuck you right here so every night when you close my eyes you’ll think of this.” I fell on the bed and he straddled me. He put his hands on my breasts and felt how fast I was breathing.” Are you scared? Good, you should be.” he said and slapped me hard across the face. It stung and I whimpered in pain as he got off me, laughing. I heard clothes rustling as he got undressed then the mattress moved as he got back on it. He shoved my legs apart and roughly shoved a finger inside my pussy. I had been trying not to get wet but didn’t do a good job of it. He felt how wet I was and shoved another finger in me. He pumped them hard and fast, making it hurt and I squirmed away from him. He pulled his fingers out of me and grabbed my hips. “Where the hell do you thin you’re going?” he asked and held my legs open. He got between them and pushed himself inside me. He did it in one hard movement and it felt like I was being stabbed. I cried out and he told me to shut up as he began fucking me. I could hear him grunting in the darkness, only caring about himself and my pussy felt battered and bruised. His fingers dug into me as his dick pounded my pussy and I begged him to stop. That just got me another slap across the face and I could taste a hint of blood from my lip. I kept quiet after that, lying there as he took what he wanted from me until he came inside me.

He held me by the throat and said “Tell no one.” then let me go. When I heard the door close behind him I pulled the covers over me and laid awake all night.

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