My first time having anal is not a usual memory. There are parts of it I remember and parts I don’t. You see I was super drunk. I liked partying when I first turned 18. It’s crazy to think too, that I was 18 before I had anal sex for the first time. Anywho here is my story, or at least the parts I remember.

 I was 18. Fresh out of the womb as you would say. I had moved out of my families house and moved in with a friend and his family.His dad was an EMT and he had a sexy EMT friend who would come over and have bonfires with us. I had only met this guy like twice before anything happened between us.

One night he came over and we all had decided to play some drinking games. Of course I got super drunk with the games and my friends parents went to be around 2 in the morning. Me and this guy, who we shall call George for anonymity issues, decided to make out a little bit and it got carried away fast!

 I was on my period at the time so he decided that we should go up stairs to the spare room and lay down.Things got really heated again really fast and before I knew it he flipped me onto my stomach and rammed in right in my ass before I could say anything! I was so drunk I didn’t feel any pain. I definitely remembered enjoy it though.

 That has been the only time I have ever truly screamed a moan. But it’s strange because now that I’ve had so much more experience with anal he really wasn’t that good. By no means was he terrible but I’ve had better. And may I say I do really prefer a guy who knows his way around my ass rather than someone just pushing it in and out. I wish I remembered more details about my first time but I don’t. I do remember LOTS of details about my other anal experiences though, so you should call me to find out about them!!


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