Ever since I met my stepson John when he was about 14 years old, I knew that I was his primary object of lust to which he masturbated.   The first time he laid eyes on me, I noticed that his face turned beet red and he looked away from me after he gave me an awkward handshake.  When I tried to make casual and friendly conversation with him, he stammered and walked away.  Oh yeah, I thought, this kid is going to jerk off to me tonight.

Living in the same house with him would be interesting, I thought.  And because I’m such a nice person, I set out to give him plenty of masturbation fodder.  

John and his younger brother and sister spent hours in the swimming pool during the summer months.  I found the smallest bikini I could wear that was skimpy but still tasteful.  I always wore a pair of sunglasses so that John wouldn’t notice that I was watching him for his reaction.  I would stroll casually to one of the lawn chairs then I would slowly and carefully rub lotion on my skin.  When I was finished with that, I would pick up a book and hold it in front of my face, sitting on the chair with my legs open just slightly.  Sometimes I would put one foot on the chair and I would bounce my leg a little to the side, thereby opening and closing my legs.  I did this all in such a casual manner that it appeared I was oblivious to anyone else being in my presence.  Behind my dark sunglasses I watched John watching me.  Eventually he would announce to his siblings that he had to go to the bathroom and would disappear for about 10 minutes before he came back, walking slowly and face all flushed.  I knew that he probably went to the upstairs bathroom where he could watch me from the window while he jerked his young cock.

I also enjoyed hugging him whenever he would leave for the weekend when it was his mother’s turn to have the kids.   Typically, I gave him a big smile before I reached out, wrapped my arms around his shoulders, pulling him close to me as I lightly pressed my tits against his chest.  Sometimes, I would plant a small kiss on his cheek, very close to his ear.  Then, before he could get suspicious of my motives, I would release him and hug and kiss his siblings in a very maternal fashion.  After the first few times I did this, I found that he hugged me first before I could hug him.  

Dressing skimpily was always a fun way to ensure his cock would get stiff.  This usually came with bending at the fridge while wearing cut-off shorts or walking into the kitchen to grab a cup of coffee while still in my short kimono.  I always tied the belt very loosely around my waist to ensure that there was plenty of cleavage exposed.  Typically, I would feign exhaustion so that I appeared to not even notice that my kimono was loose fitting around my body.  

As he grew older, he became bolder with his physical contact with me, sometimes throwing his leg over my lap as we sat and watched TV or giving me extended looks while I sat poolside.  At times if he thought I was tired or stressed he would give me a lovely back rub. He also openly commented about how sexy I looked in a particular outfit or would teasingly call me a Step-MILF.   

Now that he is having sex with this girlfriend on a regular basis, I hope that at least sometimes, he closes his eyes while his cock is inside of her and thinks about me and all the times he emptied his balls for me in his youth while in the shower or under his bedsheets.  

Who knows?  He could be jerking off to me this very minute…

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