My Daddy Owner Master! Take Me There Tonight and Tomorrow!

My Daddy Owner Master! Take Me There Tonight and tomorrow!  No matter how you put it. He’s the first man in any little girl’s life. Daddy always knows what’s best, and I believe that to this day! But, that doesn’t mean that Dad doesn’t have his small quirks. Like, he enjoys tying me by my ankles and suspending me from the barn rafters. Sometimes, he does it to my friends when they sleep over too! Grad School Sleepovers are the best!

There’s something about seeing the blood rush to our heads as we hang there upside-down! Like when his cock grows longer and thicker with each twitching movement we make. I guess, our sobs, pleading with him to let us down, and telling him that we’ll be good girls helped him get even stiffer!

Daddy Owner Master Issues.

Sometimes, he particularly liked to hang us as if he was about to field dress a deer! I at least had learned to not fight it. And, by doing so, I found my own little slice of heaven in the torture. Haha.  Is there something wrong with me? Wrong that my pussy clamps shut, then open over and over until I eXXXplode with mind-altering orgasms? Well, if it is, then I don’t give a fuck. I’m a grown woman capable of making my own choices, thanks!

I belong to my Daddy owner master and I am his to command, day, night, and every minute in between. Like, when he gets a hankering for some deep ass plunging. He comes out of nowhere just like the old days and rams it deep inside me. GOD, I can feel it right now. Plunging me past pain and straight into pleasure!

Maybe He Isn’t the Only One with Daddy Owner Master Issues.

It would be so easy to say I was preyed upon, but it’s just not the case. He’s a strict disciplinarian and that’s just what I need. Every now and then, I stray from the path of the good and righteous in search of pleasure. That’s when my Daddy owner master takes over. Daddy says I’m like a little train and his job is to keep me on track. Giggle.

A good Daddy teaches a girl to be the perfect lover. How many licks does it take to get Daddy to cum? Good question. Well, I’ll tell you that a good percentage is in the eyes. The way I look at him lets him know that his baby girl is about to make him SQUIRT!

I Get Wet Just THINKING About It!

So, this week I get to spend some quality time with my father. He’ll get to HEAR how my job doing incest phone sex is going. Maybe you’ll get lucky and catch us together on my line? What can I say? Furthermore, I need my Daddy Owner Master Time!

I’m the original Daddy’s Girl and I can’t wait to feel his tongue all over my tits and his dick pounding my sweet pussy! But, because I’m insatiable, I need MORE. Moreover, you’ll never CUM harder than with me. So, gimme, gimme, gimme!

So, get free with me. I’m JustJoey and you can feel FREE with me! Tag! You’re it! Maybe you’ll be my Daddy Owner Master tonight!

Kiss, kiss.