Pleasure.  I know, I know, I KNOW!  We all know the story of Mad Max. But have you heard the tale of Mad Max…INSIDE the Pleasure Zone? No?  LOL.  Max, is a cop from Australia in pre-apocalyptic times. And for an Aussie…he’s pretty hot. But, what you didn’t hear a lot about…until today, is Max’s sexy sidekick…Joey.  You haven’t, have you? Thought not.  Well, cum along with me into the dust-bowl underbelly of the future…here we go.

Max is still a bit crazy from the whole change of landscape from what we all used to know as civilization. Fast forward to now…As I previously stated…the dust-bowl future, pre-apocalypse world of today…has now flipped to POST-apocalypse… What survives?  Not much.  And then again…everything! One of the final bastions of humanity, not only survives…but, flourishes. What is this phenomenon? Phone Sex! There may never be, totally FREE Phone Sex. But, still…when a man’s in need…there’s also going to be a need for a little…HAND in the pleasure. Giggle.

Enter the dust-bowl…and if you’re REALLY lucky…Joey too!

Joey runs the Black and Blue, as rusty a joint as you could ever imagine. And also offering some of the greatest delights ever known to man…at any time in history.  The Black and Blue pretty much speaks for itself. It holds the ominous nickname of…The Fist House…and I don’t mean, fighting. Not exactly, anyway. LOL.

You know that one place you can always retreat to when you need a great release?  Yes… The Black and Blue was such a place. Cum here and get your shit off, leave refreshed and ready to face more of life’s bullshit! Joey will take you into her arms and deliver everything you NEVER KNEW you desired…and deserved.  Want some good pussy pounding with one of Joey’s girls? Maybe a little backroom and backdoor action from a chick with a dick? Or, the Master Plan…a ride with the hottest pussy around, Mistress Joey herself! She ALWAYS brings the ULTIMATE pleasure!

Joey enters a room wearing her trademark, black laced leather glove with spiked knuckle area.

Perfect for those guys who just ADORE a lot a pain mixed in with their pleasure.  The thought of it makes her smile back in her office as she slips into the evening’s attire of purple latex catsuit and spiked thigh high purple latex boots.  She tops it all of with a high pony tail and black lace eye mask. Damn that girl knows how to work her shit! And any man who can afford the price of admission to her personal Pussy Palace will be forever altered, mind, body and …well, whatever may be left of their souls..she’ll take too. Haha.

Tonight Max arrives with his crew and makes his way to Joey’s private quarters.  He sees her on her way to the back room and the night’s festivities…

“Well, hello, my Dirty Doll!” he flashed her his best dirty boy smile.

She returned his smile with one of her own…

“Max! What brings your nasty ass back here?  Run out of women to ravage on the road, Baby?”

They both laughed as Max closed the distance between them. Wrenching her into his arms, Max licked from Joey’s cleavage all the way passed her chin to take over her mouth as a reclaimed possession which had been terribly missed.  The force of his claiming landed Joey’s back against a wall…HARD!  She liked it that way. LOL.  Her thin strip of panties being ripped to the side, Max dropped his pants around his feet and shuffled up the hallway back to her quarters and barely got the door slammed behind them when he forced her again against the wall.

“Damn!  I love it rough, but exactly what’s got you so mad…Max?” Giggle

“I just want to fuck the shit out of you…LITERALLY! And I’ll TAKE IT, if I have to!” He returned.

“Well, Damn, Boy!  Take that shit!  You know how I like it…Fuck me up, Baby!” Joey panted as she shoved her now bare ass against Max’s hands.

Max shoved his hard, filthy cock deeper inside her than he’d ever been before.

Joey raked her fingers through Max’s hair; pulling him closer still, burying his face in her tits. He moaned as the force of his penetrating fuck landed his dick against the wall behind Joey each time. She ripped at Max’s shirt and rested it from him in one felled swoop. Her nails next raking his back as he thrust deeper, deeper still.

“I always hold out hope that we will be together at the end of this…whatever THIS is.” Max whispered into her ear, clutching the side of her face as a treasure.

“You know, hope is a mistake. If you can’t fix what’s broken, you’ll, uh… you’ll go insane.” She replied with a hint of sadness.

They fucked passionately, then rough, then back again…And when Max had given his all…Joey crept from her bed, showered again and headed for the party.

As she rounded the last corner, she heard the night’s announcement of things to cum!

“Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls…It’s going to be a seXXXy night!”

The curtains parted and Joey walked into view…

“Tonight…I announce the impossible!  FREE PHONE SEX on every paid call after you leave tonight!  Surely you will wish to relive the moments you have here in my den of iniquity… Enjoy and cum back soon!”

She left the stage to join her revelers, but those who encounter her, ALWAYS cum back for MORE.

It may not be today…it may not be tomorrow…But, who are we kidding?  It’s probably going to be today…Right? Giggle

Call me to join the fun at the Black & Blue…If I’m not around…email, text, or IM me to set something up…But, bring your “A” Game…I ASSURE YOU…I ALWAYS bring mine!  And this year will feature some freaky K-9 Training. Are you man enough?

A Final Word Of Warning…Do not my friends become addicted to Joey. She will take hold of you, and you will eventually resent her absence!

The Black & Blue


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