There was something always a little off about the way my boyfriend ate my pussy. Everything else in the relationship was great. His cock size was good (just right for me ;-), he was my type of guy and he treated me well, BUT he just couldn’t eat my pussy the way it deserved to be eaten. So I decided to take him to the person who taught me everything about how to make my pussy squirt…my Dad.My boyfriend had always known that me and my Dad were really close and he knew that I was a Daddy’s girl, but he never knew just how close we were until that day at my Dad’s house. My boyfriend got a much better understanding of me and Dad’s relationship when Dad showed him pics that he had taken of me in women’s lingerie when I was a younger. Dad would always buy me special lingerie pieces and have me model for him. Then we would have our play time.

We decided to have a little playtime in front of my boyfriend that day at my Dad’s house. Dad started off by having me change into one of his special pieces that he had kept for me over the years. While I changed my Dad and boyfriend smoked weed and talked about football. When I finally came back out, dressed in my sexy lingerie, both of their dicks started to swell in the their pants. LOL!!! It was hilarious to see, and they were speechless!

I walked over to Dad and let him feel on my body. The rules were that my boyfriend could watch me and Dad play but he wasn’t allowed touch. Dad wanted me all to himself, especially since this was going to be a teaching lesson for my boyfriend. Dad laid me across his bed, while my boyfriend jerked his cock in the chair on the side of the bed. He pulled my panties off and started to lick my clit. When I squirmed and moaned my boyfriend was noticeably aroused and reacted by oozing pre-cum from his tip. Dad knew all of the perfect spots to hit to get me to squirt hard and far.

He licked my clit lightly, then sucked on it until goose bumps covered my body. I was so turned on that I forgot my boyfriend was even in the room. Dad licked my hole and then slithered his tongue down to my ass, all the while my boyfriend was watching, jerking, and creaming from his cock. I felt the intense feeling and swelling in my pussy as Dad made his way back up to my clit. He sucked and sucked and right before I squirted into his mouth he pulled up and inserted his hard cock inside of my dripping wet pussy. Just a few pumps was all that it took for all three of us to explode at the same time!!!! Dad came inside of my pussy, as I came on his cock, as my boyfriend shot his load. It was fun and it was hot! My boyfriend ate my pussy the right way every time after that. From that day forward, my boyfriend never ate my pussy without my Dad being present. He learned from the best! Love you Dad! ***MUAH***



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